Living Life with Integrity: Nicole & Aaron

Living Life with Integrity: Nicole & Aaron

Having a vehicle is crucial to these small business owners. Hear, in their own words, about their experience with Integrity Auto Finance.


Aaron: We always wanted a truck, so we finally got a truck that we liked. It has a tow hitch on there that we were looking for, so we can pull that, take our family camping. So it is, like, a six-passenger vehicle. Other than that, you’ve got a lifted truck, which will make it through all the snow that we get occasionally down here in Oklahoma. Still, it’s a pretty good truck just to have for our family.

Small Business Owner

It is kind of hard being a business owner to get anything, purchase anything, because you don’t have a paycheck stub. So you always have to just let them know that, you know, we’re always in business. It’s really something that, you know, you don’t have to worry about with Integrity.

Improve Your Credit with Integrity

We’ve been perfect every time, every payment. So, they acknowledge it on our credit report so much that you can see it went up quite a bit. We’re always on the road, so you always need a car to have transportation, here to there, take them to their grandma’s or going to our events or meeting with clients, and just doing wellness evaluations for our business.