Summertime Car Maintenance: On the Road

Summertime Car Maintenance: On the Road

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Summer officially kicks off on June 21, 2019, so get ready to break 90º. Of course, in Oklahoma, the 90s are just scratching the surface, as we’ll probably have more triple-digit days than not. It’s important to make sure you vehicle is ready for the inevitable heatwave, so make sure to follow these essential summertime car maintenance tips.


Ensuring the health of your tires — along with regular oil changes — is the definition of essential preventative maintenance. Your tires should be checked regularly to make sure they’re in good condition.

Tire Pressure

A tire that is over- or under-inflated can cause the tire to heat up and prematurely blow out. Check on the side of your tire for the recommended tire pressure in PSI. It’s common for tire pressure to fluctuate as the temperature changes, so you’ll want to check year-round that the tire is properly inflated and holding air.

Tire Tread

As you put miles on your tires, the tread wears down. When the tread gets too low, it’s time for new tires. Take a penny, turn it upside down, and place it between the tread on your tires. If you can still see Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace the tires.

For more information on tire rotation and alignment, check out this article.

Fuel Level

Always keep a least a quarter tank of fuel in your vehicle. Your fuel pump is submerged in the fuel tank, and the fuel in the fuel tank is what helps keep your pump cool. When your tank is running low — or worse, dry — it can cause your fuel pump to overheat and fail. Keeping at least a quarter tank of gas in your vehicle will help extend the life of your fuel pump.


We’ve covered most of the essential, routine mechanical maintenance, but what about the interior? There are a few things you can do to help keep your vehicle comfortable when the temperatures rise.


Sunshades are as effective as they are inexpensive. Putting one in your parked car’s windshield will help reduce the interior temperature by several degrees.

Cooled Seats

If your vehicle has cooled seats, the Oklahoma summer is the perfect time to crank them up. If your current vehicle doesn’t have cooled seats, check out our inventory when you’re ready to trade in — we’ve got a huge selection of vehicles with heated and cooled seats, from work trucks to third-row SUVs and luxury sedans.

Keep It Clean

Summertime in Oklahoma is probably the worst time to leave the interior of your car cluttered. Lots of items — especially metal and some plastic — will overheat and burn you when touched. And you don’t want drive-thru leftovers left to rot out in the sun, giving your car a most undesirable odor. Keeping your vehicle clean and tidy will help keep your car feeling new.

Integrity Auto Service

Integrity offers $15 oil changes for the life of your loan. Make an appointment today to get your car serviced. We’ll help keep you on the road all summer long.


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