Test Drive with Integrity: 2012 Ford F-150 Lariat

Take a test drive with Preston and Jeremy in this red 2012 Ford F-150 Lariat.


Preston Miller (General Manager): Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody! Today Jeremy and I are driving a 2012 F-150 Lariat — crew cab, four-wheel-drive, twin turbo EcoBoost. It’s fire-engine red. Gorgeous truck, right? Exterior with all the red paint; it’s got all kinds of chrome trim on it, chrome steps, chrome door handles, chrome grill, bumpers, and all that stuff. Red and chrome go really good together.

Jeremy (Sales Associate): They do! And then the bed liner.

Preston: Yeah, it’s got a spray-in bed liner that’s also a tinted red to match the paint of the truck, which is kind of unique. It’s got a soft tonneau cover. The leather — it’s got tan leather, being a Lariat, and it is in immaculate shape.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I already feel the seats getting cold.

Preston: Yeah, front seats are heated and cooled, which is definitely a plus.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah. You’re on that long vacation drive — something like that — you can go either way.

Preston: Or just hopping in the truck on a hot, sunny day. You turn those cold seats on; you don’t have to burn your buns, man.

Jeremy: Nobody likes their buns burned.

Preston: That’s right! It gets hot in Oklahoma sometimes.

Jeremy: That’s right!

Preston: Backup camera, full center console — so all kinds of storage and…

Jeremy: Oh, yeah — we noticed that.

Preston: Places to put all your stuff.

Jeremy: MP3 player holder, pen holder,…

Preston: Ford Sync System with the Sony speakers, so you can plug your phone in, your iPod in, get all your phone calls right there on the factory stereo, play your music on the factory stereo.

Jeremy: It’s always nice.

Preston: Awesome truck; really awesome truck. Plenty of room for the whole family; you can put a few car seats back there if you needed to. Plenty of leg room if you want to put three adults — everybody gets a shoulder belt, everybody stays safe. Just a good ol’ truck!

Completely Reconditioned

Preston: It’s completely reconditioned; it’s got all-terrain tires on it.

Jeremy: Those tires are brand new.

Preston: Fresh synthetic oil change. Anything the truck would’ve needed when it was in our shop, we would’ve made sure it got done. You shouldn’t have to do any service on it whenever you come pick it up from us; it’s ready to go to work, ready to go on a summer road trip. And we’ve got plenty of other trucks just like this one in stock, too.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah!

Preston: Not as nice as this one — this one’s probably one of the nicer ones, as far as options, you know, heated and cooled seats and all of that. It’s definitely the nicest red truck we have!

Jeremy: I’d agree with that. I mean, one of the good things is the variety we have.

The Best Selection of Used Vehicles

Preston: Yeah, we’ve got a little bit of everything — from lowered trucks, lifted trucks. We’ve got smaller pickups like Nissan Frontiers and Toyota Tacomas that are four-wheel-drive. We’ve got plenty of four-wheel-drive half-ton crew cabs. We’ve got some diesel 3/4-tons — Powerstrokes — on the lot. So we’ve got a little bit of everything, as far as trucks go. Plenty of sedans, third-row SUVs, minivans.

Jeremy: That’s why we talk about having the best selection.