Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Nissan Titan

Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Nissan Titan

Take a test drive with Preston and Jeremy in this four-wheel-drive 2014 Nissan Titan.


Jeremy (Sales Associate): Man, Preston, you outdid yourself on this one, buddy!

Preston Miller (General Manager): Thank you! This is a nice truck. Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody. Preston and Jeremy here with you today, driving a 2014 Nissan Titan. It’s a crew cab. Gorgeous truck, right?

Jeremy: Absolutely gorgeous! This is the one that, you know, guys, we see these trucks as they come in and this is on my wish list, right here.

Preston: This one is?

Jeremy: This one is on it.

Preston: It’s one of the nicer trucks we’ve got on the lot, for sure. Best of all in this truck, it’s only got 75,000 miles on it.

Jeremy: Yeah, that was one of the biggest things. I saw that and I was like, “Wow!”

Preston: It’s got that loud exhaust; you can probably hear that in the video.

Jeremy: Oh, I bet they can.

Preston: So, we’ll try to speak up so you can hear us. This truck is black, black wheels. Crew cab, four-wheel-drive, V8.

Jeremy: It’s got a little bit of a level kit on it, doesn’t it.

Preston: Front-end leveling kit one it, yeah.

Jeremy: Nice.

Preston: It’s got some 33″ tires on it. So, they don’t fit very good without that leveling kit.

Jeremy: Yeah, no, that probably wouldn’t be a good thing.

Preston: It’s got a Rockford Fosgate sound system in it. This small screen here that shows all your stuff — your backup camera, everything — on that screen. Really awesome sound system.

Jeremy: Everybody that knows their sound systems knows Rockford’s one of the top ones.

Preston: Yeah, Rockford Fosgate makes some high-end stuff. They do the factory stereos in these higher-end Nissans. Black cloth interior, full center console. Plenty of room for the whole family in the back — the full backseat — and it does fold up, too, so you have even more room. Spray-in bed liner, and it’s also got the rail systems in it where you can strap everything down, keep it safe and secure in the bed if you’re hauling stuff around.

4WD Crew Cab

Preston: Best of all, four-wheel-drive crew cab, low mileage, good-looking truck. It’s got after-market tires and wheels. Just what you want.

Jeremy: Yeah, this is definitely one of the lower ones, truck-wise. Lower mileage is what we strive for, but this is one of the lowest ones you’ve got.

Completely Reconditioned

Preston: Yeah, it’s a good truck. And it’s completely reconditioned, ready to go. So, if you’re looking for a truck you don’t have to worry about maintaining, this one’s been run through our service department, so anything it needed, you know — brakes, tires, oil change, all that stuff — has already been checked and taken care of if it needed it. And, other than that, you’re just getting a really good, well-maintained truck.

Jeremy: Yeah, absolutely, guys.

Preston: So, if you’re watching this video and you want to come down and test drive this bad boy, call Jeremy or click on the link. We’re doing all of our sales by appointment only, so we’ll try to get you pre-approved before you come into the store.

Jeremy: Yeah, absolutely, guys. It makes it so much easier. We’ve got our pre-approval online to where you can actually just click a button and you can get the full application there, knock it out. In fifteen, twenty minutes, we’ll give you call ready to set your appointment. Easy as can be, guys.

Preston: And right now it’s our Bouncin’ Back Sale. We’re taking $1200 off of every vehicle in inventory — cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, everything. We’ve got one of the best selections of trucks in Oklahoma — all kinds of four-wheel-drive crew cabs, lifted trucks, lowered trucks, diesels, flatbeds — just about everything you can imagine!

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