Test Drive with Integrity: 2013 Ford F-150 FX2

Test Drive with Integrity: 2013 Ford F-150 FX2

Take a test drive with Preston and Jeremy in this gorgeous 2013 Ford F-150 FX2.


Jeremy (Sales Associate): You picked a good one here, Preston.

Preston Miller (General Manager): Man, thank you. Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody. I’m here with Jeremy today, one of our all-star salesman. And we’re driving this 21013 Ford F-150 FX2. What do you think?

Jeremy: Man, I like this truck.

Preston: Gorgeous truck, isn’t it?

Jeremy: Oh, this interior…

FX2 Package

Preston: Yeah, so the FX2s and the FX4s have two different trim levels. There’s the basic ones that just have the leather interior. Then there’s the ones that have the nicer interior, just like the Raptor trucks.

Jeremy: Right, yeah.

Preston: That’s what this one is, so it’s got the leather and suede seats with the red stitching. It has all the red badges on the outside. Gorgeous interior.

Jeremy: Yeah, it’s super nice, man. I see we got heated seats and cooled seats, as well.

Preston: Yeah, the front seats are heated and cooled, rear differential locker, factory trailer brakes. Big touchscreen stereo. And it’s got all the Sync 2 system in it, so you can plug your phone into the USB port, play all your music and phone calls right on the factory speakers.

Jeremy: In today’s society, you gotta have that.

Preston: It’s an essential feature that just adds another level to the car, makes it more enjoyable to drive.

Jeremy: Looks like we got a sunroof up here, too.

Preston: Yes, a sunroof. The interior’s gorgeous in this truck. Aside from having the awesome seats and stuff, everything’s blacked out.

Jeremy: Whoever had it before, man, they took really good care of this vehicle.

Preston: Black trim — like a dark brushed aluminum look on the center trim there. That’s kind of the FX4 thing. Instead of a lot of chrome, they’ve got a lot of flat black.

Jeremy: Yeah, I’m definitely not a chrome person, so I definitely like this.

Preston: And this one’s metallic gray on the outside with the red badges. It’s got the factory Ford FX2/FX4 graphics that go down the driver’s door all the way to the back. It’s got factory 20″s. And they’re black, so it kind of adds to the dark…

Jeremy: The gray on black.

Preston: Yeah, the gray-on-black look of the truck.

Jeremy: Clean truck, man.

Preston: So, for power train, this is a V6 EcoBoost; it’s a 3.5L V6 twin turbo.

Jeremy: Gotta love the turbo.

Preston: They give you plenty of power. They’re super reliable — really good motor. Ford’s using it in a lot of their trucks, their Expeditions, and their Explorer Sports.

Jeremy: The good thing about that EcoBoost, man, is you can get better gas mileage.

Preston: Yeah, you’ll get better gas mileage, and it’s got the get-up-and-go of the V6.

Jeremy: If you’re ever in Dallas and need the quick get-up to get on the highway, you got it.

Preston: Yep. For sure. This truck being FX2 is just a rear-wheel drive. FX4 is going to be the four-wheel drive; FX2 is the rear-wheel drive. But it still has all the same towing options and rear diff locker and all that that the FX4 has. You know, this’ll make somebody a really good sporty truck. Comfortable — these seats are super comfortable. I like the ones with suede in the middle.

Jeremy: I do, too.

Preston: It just makes them that much more comfortable. They’re not slippery like the leather.

Jeremy: Nice and easy.

Preston: Navigation,… it’s got it all. What options does this truck not have?

Jeremy: That’s exactly right.

Preston: It’s even got a sprayed bed liner.

Jeremy: It does, yeah!

Preston: Sliding back window, power slider. Push that button and slide that back window open. A completely loaded truck, and that’s what our game plan is. You know, we deal with people with less-than-perfect credit, but we deal in vehicles that people are going to want drive and love to drive. We don’t want to put you in a base model, roll-up window truck. Whenever you want something, if you work hard and you deserve a nice truck, we’re going to put you in a nice truck.

Jeremy: Absolutely. That’s the thing, man. We understand life happens — it’s happened to all of us, you know. We’ve all been in those situations. That’s the beautiful thing about our program — it’s designed to help those people that have been through that to get a second chance. We do report to all three credit bureaus, so that’s going to help you reestablish that credit. It only takes a second to ruin it, but it takes a while to rebuild it.

Preston: Takes a long time to rebuild it. For sure.

Jeremy: We’re going to help that, down here.

Preston: And just like all of our inventory, this one just came out of the shop. It’s completely reconditioned. So anything we found that it would’ve needed, we took care of it.

Jeremy: Absolutely, absolutely.

Preston: This truck — I know, because I drove this truck before it went into the shop because it’s a super nice truck and I wanted to drive it — this truck, we put new catalytic converters on. We did a tuneup on it; we fixed an oil leak — one of the valve covers was leaking so we fixed that. You know, that’s the stuff that a lot of other dealers aren’t going to tell you because they want to shine them up and stick them out there. Then, if you have problems and you come back complaining, then they’ll address how they’re going to fix it,… or maybe they don’t at all.

Jeremy: Or they say, “You bought it. You worry about it yourself.”

Preston: A lot of used cars are sold “as is.” Ours, we want to make sure, just because you’re buying a used car doesn’t mean that you need to have all the used-car problems. We do our best to inspect them and recondition them and make sure that they’re good to go so you don’t have any issues down the road.

Jeremy: No, that’s definitely what separates us from the other ones, Preston, is, you know, I’ve seen a couple times where a couple of things have gone wrong a couple of days after. They bring it right back, and your team, they jump all over it, and they get them back in and out and back on the road in no time. That’s where we separate ourselves, because the other dealers won’t do that.

Inventory Selection & Heartland Service Plan

Preston: That’s true. We have awesome inventory selection — lifted trucks, trucks with tires and wheels, lowered trucks, sporty cars, sporty sedans, third-row SUVs. We recondition everything we put on the lot, so we inspect it. We really do spend a lot time and money going through the cars and making sure they’re right. And after the sale, we offer the Heartland Service Plan, and it covers you even longer. So if you’re driving down the road and you’ve got an issue, you’ve got a used car. Even with new cars, something could happen. You don’t have to worry about it; you’ve got that peace of mind that if you do have an issue, we’re here to help you, the service plan’s here to help you, so you don’t have a bunch of out-of-pocket costs for repairs.

Repair Assistance

Jeremy: Exactly, and there are some other ones that offer the service plans with theirs, but I think one of the biggest advantages we have is when we offer that repair assistance program. Other places aren’t doing that. That is even past that service plan, you know, where something goes wrong and we can help finance it and keep you on the road, you know? We go the extra mile to keep you on the road and in that vehicle. Keep you happy the whole time.