Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Ford F-150 STX 4X4

Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Ford F-150 STX 4X4

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this beautiful 2014 Ford F-150 STX 4X4!


Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): You really gotta climb up into this one.

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): You need like four ladders, two step stools, and a jetpack. Nice! Oh yeah, this is a big boy.

Preston: Yeah — big truck. Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody. Today, Dontay and I are driving a 2014 Ford F-150. This truck is big; it’s lifted — tires and wheels.

Dontay: It’s huge!

Preston: Super nice truck. It’s an STX package, so it’s a sport. Four-wheel-drive. The “sport” means it’s got all power windows and locks on it and all that. It’s got painted bumpers. Black trim, smoke tail lights. It’s a real slick truck. This thing’s got to have at least a 6″ lift or so on it.

Dontay: I know it’s huge. It’s up there, man. It’s big. I’m looking at this space in the back seat, too. Everything about this truck is big.

Preston: It’s a whole different kind of ballgame with these Fords and the crew cabs because they have so much room in the back. You know, you think the Chevy and the Dodge has got about the same room, but when you actually get back there, it’s just so much more room, it’s more convenient — just the layout of the seats.

Dontay: Almost like more room in the back than in the front, as far as leg room.

Preston: What do you think?

Dontay: Oh, I like it, I like it.

Preston: Pretty slick truck, huh?

Dontay: Oh, yeah. Especially being 4X4 — that’s a plus.

Preston: We’ve got about 60 trucks in inventory, over three-quarters of them are four-wheel-drive crew cabs. You’ve got to have four-wheel-drive trucks out here in Oklahoma. You never know what the weather’s going to do. Got a lot of guys who work in the oil field. You know, four-wheel-drive is essential in Oklahoma.

Dontay: Yeah, they care about that more than the paint.

Preston: Yeah! Who care what color it is as long as it’s four-wheel-drive.

New Tires and Wheels

Dontay: You’re correct. Yeah, this is nice. I see it’s got brand new tires on it, as well.

Preston: This truck, not only does it have the 6″ lift kit on it, it’s got black 20″ Fuel off-road wheels and a brand new set of  33-12.50 mud terrain tires. They’ve got, like, ten miles on them because we just put them on there. They’re brand-spankin’- new.

Coyote 5L Engine

Preston: It’s a 5-liter truck. A lot of the trucks we carry have that EcoBoost motor, which is that twin turbo V6. But this one is a Coyote 5L, so it’s going to have a little more towing capability with the little more power. And it’s still good on gas, you know. It’s a real dependable motor.

Fully Loaded

Dontay: Yeah, I saw the tow package back there, so it’s definitely good for towing.

Preston: Yeah, it’s got the factory tow package, sync system in the stereo, steering wheel controls, power windows and locks. The trim on this truck is pretty standard. You know, it doesn’t have all the fancy woodgrain; it’s not flashy. It kind of matches the outside of the truck — all blacked out.

Dontay: This is a work truck, and it’s got style to it.

Preston: Cloth seats, super comfortable. Instead of having a 60/40 bench, it’s got a full console. It’s got a bunch of storage space there. It’s just a good-looking truck. White trucks with black wheels are super popular right now. This truck being a giant white truck with all black trim, black step rails, black grill, smoked headlights and taillights, black wheels — it just works.

Dontay: Oh, it stands out for sure. It looks nice.

Preston: And it stands up here, too. This truck, we’re way up here.

Dontay: I’m looking over fences as we drive. This is crazy, man.

Preston: But, you know, being lifted, it’s lifted right. It runs and drives perfect; it doesn’t ride rough. It’s got a good turning radius. The tires don’t rub the fender liners. It’s done right. It’ll make somebody a really good truck.

Dontay: Usually you see those big ol’ wheels and tires and you feel it rub and you hear it rub.

Preston: That’s a common thing for people to drop $2,500 on a set of tires and wheels, but then they don’t have the money to lift the truck to make them fit properly. Then they have to start cutting stuff to make them fit right. It’s pretty common. But this one, having such a big lift on it, the tires fit on it just perfect.

Dontay: The inside, like I said, is nice, too. It’s got the auxiliary port, the USB connection — it’s got it all right there.

Preston: It’s an awesome truck. You guys come down and test drive this truck in person.

Huge Selection & Easy Financing

Dontay: Go on our website, check out some other trucks, too. If you like bigger trucks or you like this truck. If you’re like, “I’m looking for a big Chevy or a big Dodge.” We got a little bit for everybody.

Preston: Yeah, we have another truck that’s kind of similar in appearance to this one, as far as the colors go. We just pulled out a 2013, 2014 Dodge one-ton dually — white with black aftermarket wheels. It’s a slick truck. Four-wheel-drive diesel. No matter what you’re in the market for, from an economy car all the way up to a one-ton dually mega cab, we’ve got it. Come down and see Dontay, see the sales crew. We’ll make the buying process as easy and pain-free and lowest stress as possible for you.

Dontay: Even if you find yourself needing something not for a couple of weeks, it’s very important to go ahead and just get on down here, start the application process now, because once you do that, we have layaway programs in place so we can help you hold something until it gets here. But with our truck selection, we get a lot of people from all over Oklahoma just to get trucks from here. And they don’t last long on the lot.

Preston: Yeah, they fly off the lot pretty quick. You got to strike while the iron’s hot. Come down and buy this bad boy.

Happy Test Drive Tuesday! We’ll see you next week!

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