Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Ford Transit

Take a Test Drive with Dontay and Tiffany in this incredible, super roomy 2014 Ford Transit!


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): We’re about to ride, Tiffany! We’ve got a 2014 Ford Transit van that I wanted to take you in, give it a spin, because if you don’t get inside this one, it doesn’t do it any justice, really. But hey, guys, we’re back — Test Drive Tuesday. I’ve got myself and Tiff; we’re fixing to take a ride in this 2014 Ford Transit that Preston has hooked us up with.

Now, we’ve got minivans on the lot, as well, but this one, right here, Tiff, as you see, is more of an entrepreneur’s van. It could be, you know, a family van, too. But it’s mainly an entrepreneur van. I like it because it looks like something that someone would use in either transporting clients, or, one customer came in and asked about it for the magazine business. “I could use that for the magazine business!” The third row, it folds down, it’s a flat surface once you fold it. You can load up things in the back, including the magazines he was talking about, you know, or luggage, different things, boxes of whatever you’re selling out the back.

But it is a good vehicle to travel in. It’s good on gas — a smaller van, it’s not bad on gas at all. And it does have the room. You have the bench seat in the middle; I do like that. Most of the vans that I’ve seen have the pilot seats where you’ve got a little easier access to the back. But I actually like the three in the middle just so you have the seat belts there that fit three there, and the back seat just has the two seats. But you still can fit seven people in the vehicle total.

Tiffany: Easy.

Dontay: So, not a bad ride. Let’s see features inside. I know I saw navigation on there, backup cam, heated and cooled seats; it does have those, so it’s still got the luxury features you’ll have while riding. I do like the heated seats and the Microsoft Sync, too — it does have Microsoft Sync. So nice stereo, phone sync, hands-free. So you don’t have to worry about driving and trying to, “Hey, can I call you back?!” talking on the phone. Plus you’ve got to drive for other people nowadays, it seems like.

Tiffany: You’ve got a wide view. It’s pretty big.

Dontay: The windshield? Yeah, it’s crazy! This windshield is huge! So you can see it is a big opening, that’s for sure. Once I’m driving it now; I didn’t even notice it until you get in and start driving. But you’re right — you’ve got quite a window in the front. So that’s for sure. You don’t have that small window.

Tiffany: For short people, it definitely helps.

Dontay: If you’re a person who doesn’t like little windows — I have a little Hummer that I can’t stand the little windshield — this is definitely a plus. You won’t have to worry about that, for sure. But, nice ride, though. Like I said, it’s pretty easy to get into, even though it’s a company vehicle — one you would use for a company or an entrepreneur-type vehicle. It still can be used as a family vehicle, so you can do two things at once. Instead of having that work vehicle and paying for your daily commute, if you’re a daily commuter, you actually can do both; knock them both out at the same time. So I think that’s definitely a plus.

Tiffany: I like the two-tone color in here. These colors are nice.

Dontay: Yeah, that actually adds a little sportiness to it, too, gives it more of that nicer, pleasant look once you get inside. And the floor — did you see the floor’s got that black WeatherTech mats? Keeping it a little nicer, keeping the interior clean. Keeping it good so it’s worth more for a while, worth more when you come to trade it in, things like that.

Tiffany: Got your cup holders.

Dontay: Yeah, it’s quite a bit. This is in the right spot — better than down here, hitting your knee, falling over. So it looks like that’d be a good spot, especially if you’re traveling a lot or in your car a lot. So, yeah, good point there, for dang sure.

Easy Financing & Get Approved Online

Dontay: And if you’re someone that’s watching one of these videos, like I said again, and you’re looking to get into a ride or this ride fits you, and you’re worried about credit, don’t. Don’t worry about that with us. We don’t base anything off of credit; it’s pretty much off of income. So, the more you make, the more you get approved for. I know there are some people that are maybe home right now during this pandemic, this whole scare that people don’t want to get out and about a lot. Y’all don’t want to get out and about, and you can go online.

Tiffany: Go online, fill out the application, submit it, and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

Dontay: Or you can call the store and ask for Tiff. She can get you hooked up there, as well. We do, quite a bit, want to help people out. We understand with this time, this whole crisis, that, you know, we get it: you want to get approved, get done before you come out; you want to spend less time at the lot. So be it. So we added the app to our website to where you can actually go to it, fill it out, and know exactly your down payment, your payments, the price of the vehicle, things like that, before even coming to the store. So that way, you just come in, drive the vehicle, see that you like it, sign the paperwork, and you’re out!

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