Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat

Take a test drive in this luxurious 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat with Dontay and Jeremy.


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Okay, Preston, what’d you do today?! Let’s see what he got us today.

Jeremy (Sales Associate): It’s a little sumpin’ sumpin’.

Dontay: This is the 2015 Ford F-150. Welcome to Test Drive Tuesday! You’ve got Dontay and Jeremy here. I appreciate you guys, again, for tuning into these videos and checking them out. I always let people know that if you like what you see on these videos, you will love it in person. You definitely want to get down here and take advantage of the deals we got going on right now, especially with our Bouncin’ Back special.

Preston got us a treat. I wanted to take Jeremy out. We’ve got a 2015 Ford F-150. This is a nice Lariat, if you noticed, if you see inside how nice it is — dark interior, pretty leather; I mean the leather’s in great shape, actually.

Jeremy: The back seat doesn’t even look like it’s been sat in.

Dontay: You see how much room back there? I mean, I can’t get over the leg room — it looks like there might be even more leg room back there than up front. As far as car seats, family, bigger adults traveling, stuff like that, you still got the room.

Jeremy: People want trucks, and they also want to take road trip in them. You can get the adults in this one, for sure.

Dontay: Yeah, this is just luxury. I love the inside. It’s got the leather with the trim on it, on the dash. Then you got the wood grain on the doors. Someone took the time and put some style into this one here.

Jeremy: Absolutely. You’ve got the black and the wood grain. That’s just pretty. Looks like we got the heated and cooled seats on these, too.

Dontay: Yeah, I know I feel my back warming up now; it must be already set. The heated seats, that’s always a plus, when it’s cold, obviously. You’ve also got — did you say cooled seats?

Jeremy: Yeah, we’ve got cooled seats.

Dontay: Oh, wow. And summer’s coming up. So that’s the perfect time for that.

Jeremy: It’s right around the corner. We don’t have [cold] days like today very often.

Dontay: Yeah, it’s — what is it? The middle of May and it’s freaking cold.

Jeremy: Yeah, it’s 50 degrees outside or something.

Dontay: Yeah, I don’t like that, I don’t like that. But here in Oklahoma with all different weather that we do have here, a truck is awesome. Everyone loves trucks here. I mean you guys see, no matter what state you’re in — we’ve got people even from out of state watching these videos — Oklahoma, you know they’re big about their trucks here.

Jeremy: We’ve got that red clay, man. You’ve got to have trucks.

Dontay: This is a nice one. Flex Fuel, as well. So it’s not bad on gas, though gas prices are pretty cheap right now. That may help for the daily commute. Other than that: backup cam on here; it’s got some of the features like navigation; the things that people really take pride in being inside, we do have here, and we’ve got great features up front in the cab.

Jeremy: And I’ve noticed on a lot of these newer trucks, they’ve actually gone to full plugins with the AC adapters.

Dontay: My kids love it. You got your phone chargers. My boys, the first thing they said was, “Dad, we could hook up the Xbox!” They you go, thinking about the game! Just having that plug to charge laptops, computer accessories, iPads, stuff like that.

Jeremy: You can plug in there, you can hook one in there, you’ve got USB guys, you’ve got aux cord, you’ve got another deal there, you’ve got one in the center console. I mean, you could plug all kinds of stuff up.

Dontay: Yeah, you’ve got it all. This one’s loaded, man.

Jeremy: It’s got the back sliding window on it.

Dontay: Oh, nice!

Jeremy: If you want to get a little breeze in.

Dontay: A lot of those don’t open, so that’s good. It’s actually a good feature, too, because I’ve noticed a lot of people like that to go ahead and get that air out there. Especially if it takes place of the sunroof. You don’t have to worry about the sunroof being so pricey if it needs fixed. You’ve got that back window to keep that working longer.

Jeremy: Sunroofs: they can be good or the can be bad, but, buddy, if they start leaking,…

Dontay: Yeah. That’s where it gets a little tough. This is a truck that doesn’t have one, so you don’t have to worry about that issue, as well. But if you’re a person that really likes it and doesn’t care about dealing with the sunroof, and once it happens, it happens, then, hey! We’ve got quite a few trucks on the lot that I can vouch for that have a sunroof, or may have different features that you may like. But this one, I’m telling you right now, as far as loaded inside, there’s not much that I can ask for inside that this vehicle doesn’t have.

Jeremy: How many miles on this?

Dontay: 125,000. That’s not bad at all for a truck. So that’s good. And with a truck like this, you know a lot of it was probably on the highway. It’s a 2015 and it’s such great shape, you can tell there weren’t a lot of passengers at all. Someone individually had it, probably babied it. But the good thing is we’ve got the AutoCheck with every vehicle so we can definitely show you the history of the vehicle, number of owners, whatnot, and we can clarify what I just said just to make sure that’s true. Just by looking at it, and the pristine look, it just looks like it hadn’t been ridden in much at all.

Jeremy: Whoever did have it, it’s someone who appreciated what they had and took really good care of it.

Dontay: It drives so smooth; this is such a smooth ride, like an SUV-feel in a truck.

Special Financing

Dontay: So if someone was looking to get into this truck, Jeremy, tell them what it takes.

Jeremy: All you got to do is give us a call up at the dealership, (405) 456-6235, or you can go on our website where we’re making it so easy right now. We’re doing everything by appointment only. We can actually send you the application link, get you pre-approved, so that your time at the dealership is all that much less. So definitely give us a call; go online. If you want something like this, we’ve got it; we’ve got many options for you guys.