Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford F-250 XLT

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford F-250 XLT

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this beautiful, 3/4-ton 2015 Ford F-250 XLT.


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): All right! Climb up in this joker! Oh, yeah! Big boy, again!

Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): Super Duty!

Dontay: Super Duty! Nice, Preston. I like this one! This is comfortable, though, already!

Preston: Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody! Happy Trucktoberfest — enjoy this beautiful fall weather while it lasts. Today we’re driving a 2015 Ford F-250 XLT. It’s a four-wheel-drive crew cab, 6.2L gas engine, and it’s just a good-looking, well-maintained truck. So, it’s XLT; that means it’s kind of middle-0f-the-road — it’s not your base-model work truck, it’s not your fancy leather truck, either; it’s kind of in the middle. Comfortable cloth seats, power windows, locks, mirrors — all that stuff. CD player. This truck has factory 20″ wheels and all-terrain tires, factory step rails.

Dontay: It’s high up here, I can tell that! You need those step rails.

Preston: It sits up here pretty tall.

Dontay: We’re up here, for sure. 4X4 monster.

Preston: I think somebody put a leveling kit on the front end of it to make it set level. Just really for appearance, more than anything, but it looks good, rides good.

Dontay: I see auxiliary port, USB…

Preston: You’ve got your sync system, you can plug your phone in, do all that stuff — put your music on your radio with the factory speakers.

Towing Package

Preston: Factory trailer brakes; it’s got the towing package on it. It has the gooseneck hitch in the bed. So if you’re a guy that needs a gooseneck hitch to pull a trailer, this is a good truck for you. It’s already in there, ready to go. It’s just a good-running, -driving truck. It’s got an awesome Ranch Hand Headache Rack on the back of it and bed rails. It’s got the LED lights and stuff in it.

Dontay: The Headache Rack. I love the stories from people out here about the Headache Racks.

Preston: It’s just a comfortable truck. Reliable. The 6.2’s a great motor; we have really good luck out of them. Plenty of power for a gas motor. It’s not going to have as much as a diesel, but it’ll be a lot more fuel-efficient driving it around for everyday driving.

Dontay: And I see the side mirrors still have the good vision on them, so, you know, we’re high up, you still have the access.

Preston: It’s got the power towing mirrors so they will extend out. And then, power folding.

Dontay: That’s what people need, especially towing.

Many 3/4-Ton Trucks in Stock

Preston: It’s a good-looking truck — silver with the polished aluminum twenties. Factory chrome step rails. The black Headache Rack. It’s just a good-looking truck! Good-running, -driving truck. It’s quiet, comfortable. AC and heat work perfect. This is just one of many 3/4-ton trucks that we have in stock. So if you guys are in the market for a 3/4-ton truck, a work truck,… all the way up to a diesel King Ranch — we’ve got ’em!

Dontay: We’ve got ’em all! And this is the best time of year to buy them, too — best time of the year with Trucktoberfest going on, with the discounts we’re doing and how we’re helping people get in them, working with folks. So you’ll want to go ahead and come down here and take advantage of the offers that we have in place this month.

Special Financing

Preston: Don’t worry about your credit score. We don’t base anything off of that. We do special financing. And we are the bank, so we’re not going to run your credit thirty times trying to get you approved with the different lenders. Whenever you come to Integrity, you’re dealing with us only. So, when we approve you, we approve you.

Dontay: We report to all three!

Preston: We report to all three bureaus to help you build your credit score when you’re making those on-time payments. And you’ll be driving the truck or car that you’ll be proud of, that you’re going to love to drive.

Dontay: I like this one, though.

Preston: Nice truck, huh?

Dontay: Yeah, it’s so smooth! And it’s not even all that loud or nothing. It’s just a smooth ride. You think you’re in a large SUV or something.

Preston: There’s plenty of room in the back. You can put three adults back there pretty comfortably. Those seats fold up; you’ve got storage underneath the seats. Cupholders everywhere — it’s got six cupholders right here on the console.

If you want to take this truck on an actual test drive, come down and see us. We’ve got plenty in stock. Hurry quick, because with our Trucktoberfest sale, we’re discounting prices on all of our trucks and large SUVs, and we’re moving them quick! If you want a truck like this, you’ve got to hurry and jump on it while it’s still on the lot. Come down and take it for a test drive!

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