Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Chevy Silverado LT

Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Chevy Silverado LT

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this blue 2016 Chevy Silverado LT.


Preston Miller (General Manager): What’s up, everybody? Happy Test Drive Tuesday!

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Hey, hey, guys! It’s that time — it’s Trucktoberfest already!

Preston: That’s right.

Dontay: I’m loving this one, though.

Preston: Man, this is a nice truck. Nice color,…

Dontay: Beautiful color! It stands out, man. It stands out. This is going to be the half-ton that pops, for sure, on the lot.

V8 4X4 Double Cab

Preston: Today, Dontay and I are driving a 2016 Chevy Silverado — four-door double cab, four-wheel-drive, 5.3L V8. Double cab means it’s basically the extended cab. It doesn’t have the big four doors; it’s got four full doors, but it’s a smaller cab in the back.

Dontay: It’s still got the three seatbelts, looks like, though. So you can put them back there, got a little room for the family. It’s not extended cab, though.

Preston: No, it’s got four doors, it’s just got the smaller space in the back. 60/40 bench in the front, so you can fold this up and down.

Dontay: Oh, you’ve actually got another seat.

Preston: You have a whole other seat with the seatbelt there.

Dontay: Wow. So it seats six total.

Preston: Six total, that’s right.

Dontay: You’ve got plenty of room, then.

Preston: It’s got a V8, four-wheel-drive. So you can do whatever you need to do, there. Go where ever you need to go. Four-wheel-drive’s going to come in handy this winter, I’m sure.

Dontay: Yeah, you already know. I saw it’s got the nice tires, too — the Fuel off-road tires.

Preston: Yeah, it’s got the brand new set of 18″ Fuel off-road wheels with a set of Nitto Grappler tires. And they’re brand new. They look good against the blue; that metallic blue looks really good with the wheels and tires.

Dontay: It’s got a key to the wheel lock, so you don’t have to worry about anybody stealing your wheel lock.

Preston: All kinds of storage, too.

Dontay: Plenty of storage. You’ve got all kinds of compartments around here. USB connections,…

Preston: It’s got a thing underneath it, too, so you can put all of your stuff in there; the two glove boxes that Dontay was pointing out there. It’s got a big touchscreen stereo with all kinds of information and backup camera, satellite radio — all that stuff tied into that.

Dontay: Navigation?

Preston: Yeah, big touchscreen. And, even though this is cloth — it’s got the light gray cloth — it’s still got heated seats.

Dontay: It has the side rails, I noticed, too.

Preston: Yeah, factory step rails. It’s a gorgeous truck. It’s a 2016, so it’s the later body style; it’s got the newer front grill on it, fancier hood, fancy LED headlights and stuff.


Preston: And right now for Trucktoberfest, we’re taking $1500 off of every truck or third-row SUV in stock.

Dontay: That’s true — those big ones, too. Big SUVs we are definitely discounting, too. This happens once a year, guys. It’s Trucktoberfest and we go to the fall, where trucks actually become more valuable — people like them more and need them more. We’re actually here to provide them. We’re buying them and we’re putting them out here for our customers to pick from.

Best Selection of Pre-Owned Trucks

Dontay: We have a great selection — from lowriders to flatbed diesel work trucks, if you’re self-employed. If you’re looking for a big diesel, we’ve got those, too. If this isn’t the truck for you — if you’re looking for a bigger one — please continue to look through the website, because this is the time of the year to buy them from us, for sure.

Preston: And we’ve got new trucks coming out every day, so if you don’t see something that’ll work for you — if you need something specific — give us a call, because we may have something just for you in stock in the back that hasn’t made it onto the website yet. Always give us a call. We’ve got a great selection of trucks. We’ve got a ton of trucks, most of them four-wheel-drive. We’ve got a ton of SUVs — third-row SUVs, family SUVs. We’ve got sporty sedans. We’ve got a little bit of everything, guys.

Special Financing & Layaway Program

Dontay: And just remember, guys, we’re not based off credit; we’re based off income. So, if you’re a hard worker out there with steady income and you want a truck — you deserve a nice truck — then we’re the place to come to. We’ll help you out; we got your back. And our job is pretty much to get you approved. So, once you’re coming into the store, even if you’re waiting until later, and you’re looking to buy a truck and you’re saving up that down payment, don’t wait! Give us a call, get to the store, look at some of our inventory selections. We have one heck of a layaway program that a lot of people take advantage of.  That layaway program is for you guys to get the truck you want instead of just settling right now over a check or two later down the line.