Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Chevy Suburban LT

Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Chevy Suburban LT

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this gorgeous, black third-row 2016 Chevrolet Suburban LT.


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): This is nice!

Preston Miller (General Manager): Yeah, this is a big, awesome SUV!

Dontay: This says family, for real.

Preston: Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody. Preston and Dontay here with you this week, test driving a gorgeous black 2016 Chevy Suburban.

Dontay: It is nice. Very nice! Look at the condition inside — that’s in good shape!

Preston: Black on black, so, you know, gorgeous exterior on the black, tinted windows. All of the emblems are blacked out, so it has a nice stealthy kind of look on the outside. Then, on the inside, everything’s blacked out, too: you’ve got black heated leather in the front, captain’s seats in the middle — which is awesome, so the kids can walk through the middle without having to fold up any seats or anything to get to the third row.

Dontay: That keeps your seats in better shape, too.

Preston: Then you’ve got the third row in the back — you can put three adults back there comfortably with three shoulder belts. So, room for the whole family; this is a great road trip vehicle.

Dontay: See, that third row actually sits higher up. A lot of third rows in the back, they’ll be almost on the floor. This one actually sits higher up where you can get adult legs or someone taller in the back. That’s awesome.

Preston: And on top of that, not only do you have a bunch of room in the third row, but behind that you’ve got all kinds of cargo space. With this being a Suburban, it’s longer. So, I mean, you can pack the whole family in here and the luggage and still have room to keep everybody happy and comfortable.

Dontay: And it’s driving smooth, man!

Preston: Being so big, you know, it drives like a truck — a big, heavy SUV. It’s a four-wheel-drive with the 5.3L V8 — Chevy’s been putting them in all the half-ton trucks and they’ve done really well. This has plenty of power to pull a trailer, and it’s just a big, comfortable truck.

Fully Loaded

Preston: It’s loaded with cool features, too.

Dontay: I noticed there were a bunch of buttons.

Preston: Looks like a cockpit, doesn’t it? Like an airplane! You’ve got the big touchscreen, here. It’s got all of your navigation, backup camera, satellite radio — all that stuff built in there. You’ve got your little digital gauge in the gauge cluster; it tells you all your useful information about the car — fuel economy, oil change reminders, all that stuff. And then back in the back, to keep the family happy and to keep the kids out of mom and dad’s hair, you’ve got two DVD players. You’ve got a DVD player in the middle row and in the third row. And,… even a sunroof — check that out!

Dontay: Distract them from all that “stop touching me in the back.” Then you got all your sunroof, like you said. I love that sunroof; that gives it a sporty feel, still.

Preston: So this thing is everything you want — it’s four-wheel-drive, it’s V8, it’s got all the room for everything you need to do. It’s loaded with all kinds of options. What’s not to love?

Dontay: I like it. It’s got the woodgrain look, too, on the sides. I just love how they’re doing now with the leather material and the stitching actually on it. It’s nice, man!

Preston: It’s a slick-looking way to do that. Contrasting stitching is nice.

Bose Sound System

Dontay: Yeah, this Suburban is looking real nice. It’s a good buy, and it’s still got the Bose sound system in it, too.

Preston: Yeah, Bose sound system, so you can crank up the stereo. And, in the back with the DVD players, you’ve got wireless headphones. You can keep them listening. So, if you’re on vacation, you don’t have to listen to whatever little kid movie they’re playing back there. You can listen to the stereo and they can listen to that. That helps out a lot.

Dontay: You did good, then, on this one!

Preston: It’s a nice one.

Dontay: This is as nice as that Navigator that we had.


Preston: And, right now, this is the last week of Trucktoberfest. We’ve extended Trucktoberfest one more week. We’ve got a lot of customers that still want to come and buy trucks and big SUVs, so we extended it. This is the last week. So, what do they have to do to come down for Trucktoberfest?

Dontay: It’s easy! The first thing that I recommend doing is visiting our website or making a call to the store, so that way you can get started immediately with our finance application. Once you get that application filled out, it’s simple from there. Easy! I mean, we do the rest for you, almost. But that’s it — go to IntegrityAutoFinance.com, put in your application, and we’ll get you an appointment in.

Special Financing

Dontay: And we’re not based off credit, either. We don’t care about your credit, guys. Remember: it’s about the income. So, as long as you’re hard-working and have steady income, then we’re for you. We’re going to make it happen.

Preston: And if you’re somebody who’s self-employed, where you don’t have an actual paycheck that goes into a bank account every week, and you’re having trouble getting approved or you’re afraid of being turned down somewhere else, we love doing business with self-employed guys. So come see us. We’ve got commercial vehicles; we’ve got electrician/plumbing vans that we get. We’ve got trucks with toolboxes and ladder racks, and flatbeds — you name it. We love doing business with guys that are working hard and making money.