Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Chevy Silverado

Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Chevy Silverado

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this slick 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Z71.


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Oh, yeah! This is nice, man!

Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): Sweet truck, sweet truck.

Dontay: This is a 2016?

Preston: 2016. This is the first one with this body style — the fancier hood, the fancier grill — that we’ve had. 2016 Chevy Silverado Z71, four-wheel-drive. 116,000 miles, so good miles on it.

Dontay: Oh, wow. That’s real good.

Preston: Probably all highway miles, being a 2016. Really killer truck. Silver, with brand-new Moto Metal 20″ wheels, brand-new mud-terrain tires. This thing is just comfortable, quiet. Awesome driver. Wanted to take a little test drive; this is the first 2016 that we’ve had. It’s got the fancier hood. Z71, so it’s got the painted bumpers, painted grill — looks really aggressive, really sporty.

Dontay: It’s got that bulkier suspension then. I noticed it was an LT, though.

Preston: Yep. Power windows, locks, it’s got the small screen and the gauge cluster here.

Dontay: USB — I see you got the USB port in the dashboard. That’s awesome.

Preston: Being a 2016, it has the better software in the system. The touchscreen actually has the Apple CarPlay, so if you have an Apple phone, you can plug in your iPhone and all your icons from your phone pop up on the screen. It’s kind of like the truck is a hub for your phone.

Dontay: I love that!

Preston: So you can use your Maps and your text messages and your Spotify, or whatever you have on your phone, right on the screen. It does the same thing with Android — Android Auto. I have an iPhone, you have an Android. But, anyway, it’s super user-friendly. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to buy a new car, you gotta have that in there. That’s an awesome feature.

Backup Cam

Backup camera — so, I mean, a big truck like this, makes it a whole lot easier to park it when you go to the grocery store or you’re in the Walmart parking lot, if you got a backup camera. It makes everything easier and safer.

Fuel Efficiency

It gets great fuel mileage, still, even for a big four-wheel-drive truck with big tires and wheels on it. It’s got active fuel management, so half the motor shuts off when you’re on the highway; it goes into four-cylinder mode, saves you some fuel.

Dontay: That would definitely be good to know.

Preston: Whoever had this truck before took really good care of it. You know, it already had the tires and wheels on it when we got it. We had to put some brakes on it. We had to put a seat switch on it, though. When I first bought this truck, I got in it and reclined the seat back a little bit, which is fine. Then I checked and it wouldn’t go back forward. I had to drive it around with the “gangster lean” going on. I couldn’t get it to tilt back forward, and I’m not a very tall guy, so that wasn’t fun. Other than that, this truck is perfect. You know, I hated to quit driving it. But at some point, I gotta quit driving it and we gotta put it out on the lot to sell it.

Fully Loaded

Dontay: It’s got a bunch of features that you’ll probably never use, too.

Preston: It’s basically just like a new truck. It’s got all the same you would get in a brand new one.

Dontay: And ApplePlay, your steering wheel controls it.

Preston: All your steering wheel controls; you can control your stereo, your cruise control, your phone calls — all that stuff — right here on the steering wheel.

Dontay: That’s what I like. That’s for sure. A lot of people like that, too. It just makes for a safer drive, as well.

Fully Reconditioned

Preston: Come down and check it out in person, you’re going to love it. All of our inventory is reconditioned; we inspect it all with a fine tooth comb. Our mechanic is in-house, and he’ll fix almost anything that we find wrong with the car mechanically, and fix most of the cosmetic issues. We don’t make them 100% brand new on the cosmetic issues, but we get them as close as we can. That way, you get the most enjoyable ride, the most for your money. So, bring a mechanic friend with you, and he’ll fall in love with the car, I’ll bet you they do. We’re real picky about the way we recondition them and get them ready. We love our inventory. We guarantee we’ll find something you love.

Dontay: For sure! There are so many people that come in saying, “Is this new?” They’re confused whether or not we have new vehicles or we’re selling used vehicles, just because of the shape they’re in, the condition they’re in.

Preston: We’ve got some as low as 8,000, 12,000 miles on them. Some cheaper little cars. We’ve got inventory that’s “like new.”

Dontay: So true. And you guys keep ’em coming, too! That’s what makes it easy for me, and it’s also good for our rep; you know, we got a good rep out there for having newer vehicles and lower miles. A lot of people come in — and you guys watching the videos, as well — and you see these videos that we do, the pictures. Don’t get me wrong — they’re awesome. But when it comes to seeing the vehicle in person, it’s a whole different game! There’s something different about these trucks. When you walk up on that truck and you see how high it is, or you’re in that truck and you feel how smooth that ride is, or you can actually feel that horsepower and the power of that motor, you fall more in love with it when you actually have a bigger respect for the vehicle. Or you can tell that you have more faith in the condition of the vehicle, how it drives, and who had it before. You can almost tell that they cared about it.

Free AutoCheck Vehicle History Report

Preston: We’ll print out an AutoCheck history report on every car, show it to you. That way, you know the background of the car. You know how many owners it’s had, if it’s had any accidents, if it’s got any issues; all that stuff’s on there. We don’t want to mislead somebody into buying something they don’t really want. We’re upfront and honest about it.

Dontay: We even go as far as showing you if there’s a recall on the vehicle the day you buy! We try our best to keep up with all the recalls, you know, they can come out any day. If we see a recall come up, we’ll pull it off the lot and get the recall done. That way, you don’t have to deal with the hassle. But we’re still going to show you, just because they can come any time! If you’re buying, after your test drive, we’ll still show you whether or not there’s a recall right now. And if you need us to help you get it setup or an appointment setup with the dealership, we’ll do that.

Easy Financing & Test Drive Today

Preston: So, if you want to take an actual test drive on this truck, or anything else we’ve got on the lot, come down and see Dontay and the sales crew today, or as soon as possible, and we’ll get you driving away in no time.

Dontay: Or go to our website, guys — integrityautofinance.com. Get on there, submit an inquiry, have us contact you. Someone will contact you real fast. Get an appointment, come in, you drive it. It’s pretty simple, getting approved.

Preston: No hassles. No pressure. Make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Dontay: It’s based on income, not on credit. So don’t worry about that credit score, guys. Don’t worry about that! You want a new ride, a 2016, and you can’t get approved at the traditional lot? Come on down, get down here, and we’ll help you out.



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