Test Drive with Integrity – Hummer H2

Test Drive with Integrity – Hummer H2

Take a test drive with Steve, Dontay, and Preston and this beautiful, fully-loaded Hummer H2.


Steve Meston (CEO): I am looking forward to this! This is the real deal. We’ve got three Hummers — three Hummers! I mean, seriously! What guy doesn’t want a hummer?! This puppy is the créme de la créme! Check out the leather!

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): The leather’s real nice, and it’s in good shape, too!

Steve: Well, we had it treated! Jan put on the same stuff that Rolls Royce uses on their leather. I mean, cut no corners at Integrity! Oh, this is smooth!

Dontay: Yeah, buddy!

Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): Plenty of room back here. Awesome color combination — it’s like a teal blue / black leather. Gorgeous truck!

Steve: It’s got a different look to it, color-wise, depending on how bright the sun is, and all of that. It’s just,… it’s incredible!

Dontay: Smooth ride, I can tell already! Good start!

Steve: I’ve driven this before. We had a customer who came in to buy a truck, and he was dropped off, he had already decided what he was going to do and everything was set up. But he couldn’t get his down payment all out of the bank after hours, and so he was stuck at the dealership. No pressure, we could put it off to the next day. He was from clear south of Blanchard; I drove him down to Blanchard, we had a nice visit and all of that. We met his friends at a 7-Eleven down there, and he said to me, “Look! Everybody’s looking at us!” Everybody came over — it was about nine, nine-thirty at night — and this thing doesn’t just have curb appeal; it has got presence!

Dontay: It’s gonna turn heads, I guarantee that!

Preston: King of the road.

Dontay: You’re so high up. It just makes you feel like more of a man driving it.

Preston: You know, it’s comfortable. It feels safe, too. It’s such a big truck, you know, you feel like if you were in an accident this thing would hold up really well. It’s just solid. It’s built like a machine, not a cheap little car.

Steve: What, a 3/4-ton in the front and a half-ton in the back? That’s just,… it’s unique. It’s special. The customer actually taught me a phrase that I’ve used to some amusement since. He said, “Man, this is finer than a frog hair split four ways!”

Completely Loaded

Dontay: That sure can go with this vehicle! That’s for sure! This one’s real nice. I just noticed: heated seats, as well!

Preston: Yeah, heated seats. This thing is completely loaded, so it’s got your sunroof, awesome leather, it’s got dual climate control so your passenger and your driver can have separate temperature settings, which is pretty convenient. I know my wife likes to stay a little bit warmer than I do going down the road on road trips, so that’s super convenient. It’s got an awesome touchscreen stereo, backup camera. This is an ’06 model, but we updated it a little bit with nicer, newer stereo, Bluetooth, and phone connections that the factory stuff would have.

Steve: A big bass box, too.

Preston: Yeah, factory Bose speakers, factory subwoofer.

Dontay: That Bose system is real good, too. It actually gives you that bass-feel already, and you place your highs up to a level where it’s still clear.

Steve: It’s got really nice rearview mirrors. I’ve never felt, driving it, that I didn’t have really excellent visibility where ever I wanted to be and whatever I wanted to see. And it’s nimble! Feel how nimble it turns.

Preston: Yeah these things have a lot of clearance in the wheel well, so they turn real well. They’ve got a lot of clearance underneath it. It sits high off the ground, great for off-road, snowy weather,… just about anything you need to do.

Steve: Did you see how short that turning circle was? I mean, for a big truck like this? And the steering is just really easy and smooth.

Brand-New Tires and Wheels

Preston: One of the things that adds to the comfort, the drivability, on this thing is we’ve got four brand-new 35″ mud-terrain tires on it — you know, knee-deep in rubber. And they’re put on brand-new 20″ off-road wheels. And they just match the appearance of the truck perfectly. Not only do we have four of them, but the one on the back door, the fifth spare, is a matching spare, so it’s got a 20″ off-road wheel and a 35″ mud-terrain — brand-spanking-new on the back door. If you ever did have a flat tire, it’s essential to have a spare that’s the same diameter as the one you’re taking off. Being an all-the-time, all-wheel-drive, you could really mess some stuff up if you don’t have a full-size spare.

Dontay: You guys thinking of stuff like that — that’s what makes it so easy for me, in the sales department, when you guys actually take care of the ride and think about that step for a customer first. It makes it feel so good to sell someone a product knowing that I’m not setting you up for failure down the road, when you guys put in that exact tire. A lot of times, if you even find a vehicle like this at any kind of special finance place or Buy Here Pay Here, you might not even have a spare sometimes! Other times you go and get on the road and you have a spare, but you’re missing the jack and the assembly kit. You guys think ahead so much, that I deal with no complaints after the vehicle is purchased and driven off the lot.

Preston: That’s what we aim to do.

Dontay: So I appreciate that, man. That’s awesome.

Steve: Cutting no corners and getting the vehicles prepared as we’d want it prepared if we were buying it. I mean, this thing’s prepared as if I were going to buy it. And it’s just great! Doesn’t it feel good riding in this?!

Dontay: We need to hurry up and get back before I try to trade mine in!

Steve: Would you pick this one? Would you pick the red one with the chrome? Or you go for the bright yellow that’s the actual truck?

Unmatched Inventory Selection

Preston: They’ve all got their perks. This one’s got the aftermarket tires and wheels, awesome color, black leather, completely loaded. We’ve got a burgundy H2 SUV with black Rockstar wheels. It’s got 95,000 miles on it, which is near-impossible to find. Usually these things were bought by guys who went on road trips, so it’s hard to find one’s that got lower miles. And then we’ve got an H2 truck, which are getting harder to find, with good miles and in good shape.

Steve: You never see those.

Preston: It’s bright yellow; I mean, you talk about a head-turner! That sucker stands out anywhere you go. It’s got brand-new 35″ mud-terrains on it, completely reconditioned. No matter what your style is, or what you want, we’ve got three different options for Hummers.

Dontay: Three different hummers.

Special Financing

Preston: We don’t care what your credit score is; that’s the best part about it. We can get nearly anybody financed, despite your credit situation. If you’ve had repos or divorces or bankruptcies or anything, we’ll still work with you, get you into something that you’re proud of, that you want to drive.

Dontay: You deserve it! The hard money you making, you deserve to get something that you like, that you’re proud of.

Steve: This needs to be sold to somebody that’ll really appreciate it. Man, this thing is one sweet ride.

Dontay: Someone’s been taking care of it a while, and we definitely want the next person to get in it to do the same. Once you get this, you’re going to want to take care of it. Seeing how immaculate this is, the condition it’s in now, it’ll make you want to keep it.

Come Take a Test Drive

If you’re interested in getting in a vehicle like this Hummer right here, in particular, come down here and just test drive it, come in and see it for yourself, because the videos — they’re all good, they’re fun — but there’s nothing like seeing this vehicle in person. So just go online, integrityautofinance.com, and submit an inquiry, that way we can get back with you ASAP, and get the application and the ball rolling, or just simply stop by the store. Or, even easier, call us and we’ll get an appointment for you!






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