Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Ford Explorer Limited

Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Ford Explorer Limited

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this incredible 2016 Ford Explorer Limited.

Preston Miller (General Manager): What a beautiful day; what a beautiful car!

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): More goodies! More goodies!

Preston: Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody. Preston and Dontay here with you. Today we are driving a 2016 Ford Explorer Limited.

Dontay: Bad boy!

Fully Loaded

Preston: Man, off the bat, this car is just gorgeous inside. This leather’s nice. This thing is pearl white with black leather, and it’s got heated and cooled seats. Here, let me turn this cooled seat on for you; nice air-conditioned seats. Big touchscreen stereo with all of your sync system — play all your music off your phone — satellite radio, backup camera. All that stuff’s tied into that big touchscreen there.

Third-Row SUV Family Vehicle

Preston: It’s an awesome family vehicle — seats seven. You get three shoulder belts in the middle row; two in the back row. So you can put five kids back there, and everybody fits safely and comfortably. And, another thing to mention in the back, if you’ve got five kids back there on a road trip and you’re trying to keep them quiet, these headrests have DVD players in them. So you can pop a DVD in each one, the kids can plug their headphones in, and they can listen to DVDs. They’re happy, they’re quiet. Everybody’s happy.

Dontay: That changes your trip! That shortens the drive!

Preston: All kinds of steering wheel controls for your stereo, cruise control, all that fun stuff. There are little screens on the gauge cluster with all kinds of useful information on there. Hands down, this is still my favorite family SUV. If you’ve got a few kids and you’re looking for something small — not huge like a Suburban or an Escalade or an Expedition — you want something a little bit smaller, but you’ve need to put three or four kids in the back, these are still perfect for that.

Dontay: Sure, sure. No, I love them. This is one of the first one’s we’ve had with the headrest media centers in there since we’ve had the Explorers coming in so often. So this is a nice ride; I’m glad you grabbed this one. Someone took care of it as well, too.

Preston: Yeah, it’s clean, and it didn’t need a whole lot of work. You know, some wiper blades and a couple of tires, a new synthetic oil change it was ready to go. Somebody took really good care of it. We’re fortunate to get a car that doesn’t need a whole lot of work.

Dontay: All right. Still a V6, too?

Preston: Yeah, a 3.5L V6, so plenty of power. Plenty of get-up-and-go. Still good on gas — I think these things still get 18-23 miles per gallon.

Dontay: That’s awesome for a third-row SUV. That’s crazy, because I drive that Cadillac Escalade, and I can’t stand the gas. It’s horrible. And I don’t even need the room. I mean this is perfect.

Preston: That’s one of the downsides of having one of the bigger third-row SUVs like the Expeditions and Suburbans and stuff is they’re basically built like a truck. They’re heavy; they’re big. They’re harder to drive, you know, as far as parking them in a parking lot. Where the Ford Explorer is more of a midsize SUV, you still have all the same seating, but it drives more like a car. It’s lower to the ground, front-wheel-drive platform. A little more comfortable, in my opinion, than those bigger SUVs.

Dontay: These are nice. Like I said, these vehicle, right here, we very rarely see back, see in the shop. These are the ones people take care of and keep. They take pride in them because they do the job, for sure.

Preston: For sure.

Bounce Back with Integrity

Dontay: And also, for you guys watching, we have a lot of other Explorers, different third-row SUVs, a lot of family vehicles we’re doing right now. We have our Bouncin’ Back special, the promo you’ve seen around. But we are doing that where we’re taking $1200 off every one of our vehicles, every vehicle on the lot, including this one. So, if you guys see anything that you like — if you like this one or any of our other ones — please hurry up and go online and fill out your application and get it in quickly, because we’re getting apps in quite often and we’re doing appointment only. So, you can only imagine how many people are trying to get scheduled for that appointment, because it’s first come, first served, guys.

Preston: Yeah, we do appointment only, still, just because of the COVID-19 stuff. We try to limit how many people we have in the store, try to do one customer at a time. That way, everybody is safe and as isolated as possible.