Test Drive with Integrity: 2019 Chevy Trax LT

Test Drive with Integrity: 2019 Chevy Trax LT

Happy Test Drive Tuesday! Take a test drive with Dontay and Jeremy in this awesome 2019 Chevy Trax LT.


Dontay Pompey (General Manager): It’s been a while since we got a nice, smaller SUV to drive before it hits the lot. Nice! Hey, guys! It’s Test Drive Tuesday. Dontay here, and that is Jeremy. And we are ready to take this one for a spin. Preston got us a new toy. I just remote started that, did you notice? Hit the lock button on it, then remote start! It definitely has the remote start click, guys, so you can go ahead and get it started, warmed up, before we got in here.

Jeremy (Sales Associate): We are in the wintertime.

Dontay: But now it’s time to go ahead and get the accessories and all of that running and rolling. And I’m ready — off to the races. I like this one! Did you see how new this one is?!

Jeremy: It’s a ’19!

Dontay: 2019, brother! Yes! So, not only do we have a 2019 model that he gave us,… how many miles is on here?

Jeremy: What’s on there?

Dontay: 20,000 miles.

Jeremy: Twenty-thou… oh my goodness!

Dontay: Only 20,000! You talk about dang near new. Now, 20,000 miles is low — very, very low. It’s almost next to impossible low miles at a Buy Here Pay Here / Special Financing lot.

Jeremy: Hard to find them.

Dontay: And with us not going off of credit, and having that? Oh, man,… that’s amazing! I’m just happy to get this going into the new year — starting off with vehicles like this, we’re already starting on the right page.

Jeremy: Everybody’s ready to get rid of 2020.

Dontay: See ya! Bye, 2020,… hello, 2021! We are rockin’ new deals, new specials this year. We are going to be kicking butt and taking names. We’re going to keep moving.

Two New Programs

Dontay: We’ve got two new programs introduced:

  • The Out-Of-State Program — we can help people that are out of state looking for a vehicle.
  • Our Economy Program — for those looking for a smaller payment, lower payments. We even have those special vehicles just for you guys.

Jeremy: That’s right, absolutely! It has taken off… with fire… since we started that.

Dontay: All the ones we started with are pretty much gone. So, they’re already gone and we’re already bringing in new. And then Preston decided to bless us with this one. Now, this isn’t part of our economy program; this is our regular, normal vehicle that we stand by and the type of vehicles we get in are newer. We’d rather get you in a newer vehicle, lower miles, so that way it actually lasts longer for you and it’s worth something to you when you’re done with it. Or, if you want to trade!

Jeremy: We’ve still got that Trade-In Program.

Dontay: I just wanted to, at least, get that out and let you know about the programs we have to offer. I know you guys watch these test drive videos; you know our inventory! Preston’s awesome with picking them, so you know he’s going to pick what’s nice, what looks good, and what we can depend on. We really want everybody to know about the program, itself, in case this isn’t the vehicle you’re looking for.

Jeremy: We’ve got plenty out there.

Dontay: You know it.

Fully Loaded

Dontay: But, back to this one. It’s a 2019 Chevy Trax. It’s a nice, smaller SUV. It’s great on gas.

Jeremy: You can get amazing gas mileage in this thing. And it’s got all the new features: touchscreen, wifi capabilities.

Dontay: What else do you see in this thing? I’m pretty happy about is, with these low miles.

Jeremy: You’ve got these leather seats, hand stitching,…

Dontay: Comfortable, too.

Jeremy: Most definitely. You’ve got USB plugs; you’ve got the aux cord.

Dontay: I saw a 120v in the back where you could actually plug in — a wall outlet — in this, too. Like a big truck. I saw that earlier, and I meant to tell you. We did a test drive on another one not too long ago and we were excited about that.

Jeremy: We love that!

Dontay: And I just saw that this one has it too! So even the kids, in the back of this one, on trips…

Jeremy: In the back, you know the kids are going to be the ones using it the most.

Dontay: Especially mine!

Smart Buy

Dontay: This is definitely a nice ride! If you’re a smart buyer out there and you’re wanting to get something that’s worth the money, something that’s going to last a while, something that you can do something with later in the future — this Chevy Trax is an awesome choice. You do want to get down here and at least drive it. It’s smooth, brand-new feeling. It even has that brand-new smell.

Jeremy: It does have that brand-new smell.

Special Financing & Improve Your Credit Score

Dontay: Other than that, guys, remember we’re a place that’s based on income. Don’t hang your head too low about the credit score. If you’ve been getting told no everywhere, or if you’ve had a bad experience with another Buy Here Pay Here lot that’s got your credit even worse and into a worse situation when you were trying to grow out of it, we’re here to help you guys get over that hump in the road and actually graduate from Buy Here Pay Here. You can actually up your credit score so you’re not just buying a car, but everything in life — insurance, financing a home. You’re going to get lower rates, better rates just for a higher credit score.