Test Drive with Integrity – Ford F-150 King Ranch [video]

Test Drive with Integrity – Ford F-150 King Ranch [video]

Take a test drive with Dontay and Karla in this awesome Ford F-150 King Ranch — the perfect blend of powerful work truck with luxury.

Karla Banks (Business Development Specialist): Look how clean it is. I love that!

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Check this one out! This is a Ford F-150 — King Ranch style. That’s why you see all this brown leather in here and all the little accents — I love what they did with the interior.

Karla: It has the (King Ranch) emblems on the arm rest and on the seats.

Dontay: The King Ranch display to make it stand out a little more; to make it original. I like the accents; I like the fact that it’s got the gear shift in the floor. This is luxury to me!

Karla: I’m constantly telling customers that we do keep the best selection of trucks, always! You can’t find another Buy Here Pay Here that has the trucks that we have. And the customers know that, because when they call me, they say, “your selection of trucks is phenomenal!” And I’m like, “I know, right?!”

Dontay: That’s what I love the most, that the inventory makes it so easy for us. Preston makes it pretty easy on us to sell whenever you got all this nice stuff you’re selling.

Karla: Because he knows what to look for. He definitely knows what to look for. He knows what our customers really like. You know, the work trucks, but luxury. I guess our customers are fancy!

Dontay: A little bit, a little bit! Nothing wrong with that! They deserve it. You work hard, you deserve something. Everyone looks at credit so much — they’re so big on it nowadays — and real life happens.

Karla: People think that they can’t get a nice work truck because they don’t have good credit, but we can help them with that.

Dontay: And it’s easy — you already know it’s easy to get it approved. As long as you’re working, you’re pretty much there. The more you make, the more you’re approved for. Come in, figure out what you like, and we’re going to set you up for success, too, with the affordable payments we have.

Karla: So when they call me, Mr. Manager, what are the features that I can tell them about this truck?

Dontay: You see this sunroof. Besides the leather seats,…

Karla: I do like that — the two-tone color looks very, very sleek.

Dontay: It’s got heated and cooled seats. I’ve never owned a vehicle for me, personally, where the seats got cool. I’ve owned heated seats, but never cool.

Karla: I’m sorry for you! Because my seats cool in my car.

Dontay: Whatever! Bragging!

This one also sits low. So it’s like a lowrider — sporty. You still got the haul, the bed, and everything, so you can haul and do your work loads. But it’s still got that sporty look, this lowrider.

Some of our customers may want it lifted. Once they buy it, they could do whatever they wanted. With our Accessory Program, they can have their vehicle lifted later and finance the repairs. And there’s a lot going on with that. I can’t wait until we roll it out! Overall, just the way the truck sits now, you’re looking at the King Ranch edition where someone opens the door, comes in, and sits down, and it’s going to blow them away. It looks like it’s custom made, like someone went through a lot of work to make it happen. But really, it just came like that.

Touchscreen radio, as well.

Karla: I saw it has the Bluetooth sync. That’s really nice.

Dontay: You can actually control the climate inside the truck with the touchscreen. Phone sync, like you said. It’s got media too — all on the steering wheel, so you can drive safe, don’t have to pick up your phone.

Karla: Especially if you’re a working person, you’re going to definitely want to be on the phone and get to where you’re going and handle your business without having deal with that. So that’s perfect.

Dontay: A lot of our customers are oil field workers and guys that are on the job. Sometimes a lot of their job and sitting and waiting for their turn to come in and handle business, and so they’re in their truck a lot of time. If you’re going to be in your truck, going to have to sit in it a lot, you’re going to want to sit in something that’s nice, luxury, that you can actually sit and and say, “I’m all right. I can hang out.”

Karla: I hear from guys who say, “I’m in my truck all the time, all day, and I want a really nice one.” I get calls like that a lot.

Dontay: Other than that, it’s in good shape. I can tell that whoever had it before must have taken care of it, cared about it.

Karla: Because the interior is pristine. It is very clean and very nice. That’s one thing I love: when you get a used vehicle and someone has taken very good care of it.

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