20th Anniversary Stimulus Program [video]

20th Anniversary Stimulus Program [video]

You don’t have to wait for your next stimulus check to take advantage of some of our best deals of the year during our 20th Anniversary Stimulus Program!


Narrator: Take advantage of some of our best deals of the year with Integrity’s 20th Anniversary Stimulus Program!

We’ve got the best selection of high-quality, pre-owned vehicles in the state:

All of our vehicles are completely reconditioned!

2012 GMC Sierra

Dontay Pompey (General Manager): Check out this 2012 GMC Sierra — nice, lifted. As you notice, it has brand new tires on it; this one here is an all-terrain vehicle! We’re talking pearl white, you’ve got your tinted windows, leather seats, and they’re heated!

Lexus LS 460

Dontay: We even have nice luxury vehicles, guys! Check out this Lexus LS 460, guys; this is a nice ride! It has leather seats — heated and cooled seats, at that. It does have the backup cam, as well; you have your sunroof, also! Guys, you do not want to miss these deals that we have today!

2013 Chevy Suburban

Dontay: Check out this 2013 Chevy Suburban — it’s an LTZ model, leather, fully loaded, tan interior. Guys, it has heated seats, and you’ve got your navigation, you have your touchscreen, it has a sunroof, it has a media center! I mean, this is a great family vehicle whether you’re on the road or you’re just commuting to work. This is a great vehicle, so hurry down here and take advantage of this special today!

Special Financing

Narrator: Bad credit? No credit? No problem!

Celebrate great deals with our 20th Anniversary Stimulus Program! Only at Integrity!

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