Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford Edge SEL

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford Edge SEL

Take a test drive with Riley and Dontay in this nice 2015 Ford Edge SEL.


Dontay Pompey (General Manager): This is slick! Hey, guys! This is Dontay; you guys know Riley over here, as well. Welcome to Test Drive Tuesday. We’re going to ride out in this nice Ford Edge we got here.

Riley (Sales Associate): 2015 Ford Edge.

Dontay: 2015! Preston keeps trying to get them newer and newer on us. I like this one, man. Golly! It’s a lot more space than I thought it would be up here in this front area. I’m loving it, I’m loving it!

Riley: Leather seats.

Dontay: And it’s comfortable!

Riley: Heated.

Dontay: These seats are comfortable. Heated seats, as well. Good deal, because, you know, during that wintertime — especially after the storm we just had! The heated seats are awesome whenever you can start the car before — I saw that remote start that you hit on the way to the car. That remote start, you can get the car started up and have the seat warmers working for you, too. But it’s definitely a nice ride. I’m still staring at this black gloss I’m seeing, and the style — whoever had the style on this one is pretty nice. I love the chrome accents.

Riley: Navigation.

Dontay: It’ll keep it looking nice inside, too, if you think about it — the cleanliness — just because it’s dark, with the dark spots. Everywhere you mainly touch — the door handle, itself, as far as to pull it closed — like, those things are all black. The steering wheel: black. But then you have the light color — the peanut butter or tan color — in the back and on the side that gives it the style, but it stays clean because you hardly touch those areas of the vehicle. That was smart, whoever thought of that when creating these vehicles. They were smart enough to know that the light color you don’t touch keeps the pristine look inside. But, this is a nice ride; the seats are comfortable, for sure.

Metallic Black Exterior

Riley: It’s got that beautiful exterior color: sparkle black.

Dontay: And with that tint! I noticed that, too. The sparkles are metallic. That metallic paint job is awesome. Seats even adjust back here — you’ve got your top part and the bottom.

Fully Loaded

Riley: Bluetooth radio. You’ve even got these paddle shifters.

Dontay: A lot of people like switching gears like that. I prefer automatic myself — I don’t really touch it much — but it has these features that a lot of people really like.

Riley: Steering wheel controls, so you don’t have to take your hands off the steering wheel while you’re driving — answer phone calls, hang up phone calls.

Dontay: Nice, nice.

Riley: Auto lights.

Dontay: It’s got crazy features. I know it’s got the backup camera; I see that. Connect your phone, like we stated before. So that’s nice. The back seat’s got plenty of room, I can tell, back there — adults or car seats, it looks like. And then the middle console has the cupholders.

Riley: Then you’ve even got the big storage unit up here on the dash. USB ports in the front.

Dontay: I noticed there’s two of them there — SD card and auxiliary port there.

Riley: Yeah, the SD card’s for the navigation.

Dontay: See, this is a good travel vehicle too, man. If you don’t need a third row, but you travel and sit up high like this, this is a good vehicle to buy. If I didn’t have the five kids at home, this would be, ideally, a good SUV, especially for my lady, man. Because, if you really like this, take a look. It’s nice, pristine, and in good shape. It’s clean, for one. And, on top of that, like I said, the backseat has that room, so if we needed the car seats, you’re good. But it’s still a travel vehicle — you can tell because the back has the actual 120-volt plug, like a wall plug.

Riley: Like a wall plug, yeah.

Dontay: So, when you have devices — laptop and things like that — and you’re trying to charge devices on the road, they charge quicker.

Riley: Travel with kids and iPads or phones or anything.

Dontay: Anytime I see that plug, I say this is good for the road.

Riley: And even behind the backseats, there’s a lot of room for storage, luggage, or groceries.

Dontay: That way, you’ve still got that room — still that big feel, you’re still sitting up high — but yet, you’re not burning as much gas as the third-row Chevy Suburbans and things like that.

Riley: This still feels like you’re in a big vehicle, but not too big to where some people would be uncomfortable driving.

Dontay: Like, this space up front here, it’s crazy. I can’t touch the windshield and I’m sitting here like this. There’s just quite a bit of room, not to mention it’s stylish.

Riley: Keyless entry, push to start — like you were saying, the remote start. And you can even leave your key — like, the key’s in my pocket — and you don’t need to have it out; you can leave it in your pocket or your purse.

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