Is It Important to Get My Car’s Oil Changed?

Is It Important to Get My Car’s Oil Changed?

The importance of routine preventative maintenance on your vehicle can not be overstated. Keeping up with this helps to identify any problems before they become catastrophic, as well as extend the life of your vehicle. The most routine of the routine maintenance that your car needs to get is a regular oil change.

Are Oil Changes Really That Important?

The lifeblood of your vehicle is its engine oil. Engines consist of several moving parts, and your engine oil provides the lubrication needed to keep the engine in good working condition. Additionally, oil helps cool engine components, as well as removes dirt and sludge from the engine. Over time the oil begins to break down, contaminated with debris from the engine and the environment. It becomes dark and thick and stops doing its job. The engine begins to run less efficiently, and parts begin to fail. Wait long enough between oil changes, and you could irreparably damage your engine.

How Often You Should Get Your Oil Changed

Oil change frequency is sometimes dependent on your vehicle’s year, make, and model, so consulting your manual is always a good idea. That said, a good rule of thumb is that your engine oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. Some other factors to consider: the type of oil used (conventional vs. synthetic) and the conditions in which your car drives.

Oil Filter Change

The oil filter helps prevent contaminants from entering your vehicle’s engine, taking the grit and grime out of the engine oil as it passes through. Oil filters are not expensive, and it’s generally a good idea to it changed when you’re getting your oil changed — every 3,000 miles.

Integrity’s $15 Synthetic Oil Changes

Integrity offers our customers $15 synthetic oil changes for the life of the loan. Synthetic oil is superior to conventional oil, as it is designed to have better viscosity and stability at both low and high temperatures. This ensures that your engine can run smoothly year-round. We don’t just change your oil, we’ll also change your oil filter, top off your fluids, and perform a routine inspection — all included in the $15, with “gotchas” or hidden fees.

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