Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 RAM 2500 Diesel

Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 RAM 2500 Diesel

Take a test drive with Riley and Dontay in this awesome red 2014 Dodge RAM 2500 diesel flatbed.


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): This is a big boy, right here!

Riley (Sales Associate): It is.

Dontay: All right, guys. You know what time it is! It is Tuesday — Test Drive Tuesday, as a matter of fact — and today Preston got us hooked up with this nice RAM 3/4-ton Cummins diesel. We’ve got myself, Dontay, and Mr. Riley here. We’re going to take it for a drive — Riley, I wanted you to drive this truck so you get a real feel for how these diesels drive for these customers. Yeah, I’m ready to take it for a spin — let’s head out!

Riley: It’s a 2014.

Dontay: 2014 — you guys heard it. So it’s a ’14 model RAM 2500 flatbed. This is a flatbed; we are one of the only Buy Here Pay Here places that sell diesels, but we also have flatbeds. So, that tells you right there it’s a work truck. Preston does real well getting these work trucks. You guys have heard that we have the best selection of trucks in Oklahoma, and it’s true — we’ve got people from all over, out of state, all different states, as far as Indiana, Georgia, New York even, trying to put in an ask for these diesels. And this is a nice one to be pulled out. As you get inside and you start to see why they’re calling from out of state.

Riley: The two-tone door panels; the brown, comfortable cloth.

Dontay: And you can tell that someone had some kind of flavor or some kind of feng shui — kind of like swag, basically — as far as the design of this truck. It’s real, real nice. I hadn’t actually seen one inside with the two-tone like that. This is one of the fewer ones that we’ve had with this option — the package, I should say. I do like the WeatherTech floor mats, I do like that. that keeps the carpet a little cleaner, especially if you’re using it for work; like we said it’s a work truck, so, more than likely, the person coming in here is going to need that.

Tires & Wheels

Dontay: It has the nice factory wheels on there, as well — Firestone tires. I mean, they’re in great shape — the tread is awesome. You guys know how we feel about these tires. We want to make sure that our customers aren’t putting tires on vehicles right after they buy, so we always make sure that the tread-depth is good. Other than that, is the seat comfortable for you?

Riley: Yeah, it’s really comfortable.

Fully Loaded

Dontay: That’s one of the things I like about these cloth seats in here, I can tall that they’re really comfortable. Looking on the inside, guys, big touchscreen up front. I’m really loving that feature.

Riley: Big radio.

Dontay: Bluetooth! For those that like your music, you’ve got to have that Bluetooth.

Riley: Auto lights.

Dontay: That is awesome. I love this part. I know it makes me petty, but this 150-watt plug is like a wall outlet plug. You get an actual wall outlet plug in the vehicle. When you’re talking about maybe being at a site — a work site or something — and you’re just sitting idle with your laptop or you’ve got the kids on a road trip or something with you — they’re going with you to do a job or whatnot. They can hook up their laptop or something.

Riley: Phone or something.

Dontay: So I definitely like that feature there. But it still has your regular 12V hookups and stuff.

Riley: Four-wheel-drive (4WD).

Dontay: That’s a plus! In Oklahoma, they want 4WD no matter what, it seems.

Special Financing

Dontay: Another thing, guys: if you’re out there worrying about your credit, trying to build your credit, improve your credit — that is mainly what we’re here for. We graduated a couple of customers — I just noticed in the last week — out of our program. So it does work. We report to all three credit bureaus.

Self-Employed? We Can Help You!

Dontay: We want you self-employed people. I know it’s hard to get approved other places, but we want the self-employed people to come on in because we know that you work hard and you deserve to have something that’s going to work as hard as you. Things happen in life, so we don’t base our approvals off of the credit score; it’s mainly based on that income. As long as you’ve got steady income, you’re pretty much approved. It’s just the more that you make, the more you’re approved for.

Easy Financing

Dontay: So I do recommend, as quickly as possible, if you’re looking for a work truck or something that you guys get in touch and fill out an app. But, I like this one! We didn’t mention the pretty crimson color on this one.

Riley: The lighter maroon.

Dontay: Yeah, if you’re an OU fan, there’s that. If you’re an OSU fan or a Texas fan coming from the Permian Basin to get a vehicle from us,… you guys might want to go ahead and deal with the crimson. Or you could paint it! But I recommend that you come out and check out the truck for sure!

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