Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Toyota Tundra Limited

Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Toyota Tundra Limited

Take a test drive with Preston and Jeremy in this four-wheel-drive 2014 Toyota Tundra Limited.


Preston Miller (General Manager): Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody!

Jeremy (Sales Associate): Hello, everybody.

Preston: Today, Jeremy and I are driving this gorgeous 2014 Toyota Tundra — this thing’s Limited, four-wheel-drive.

Jeremy: This is nice, Preston.

Preston: It’s a slick one, man. It’s a real slick truck. You’ve got to love a Toyota; they’re one of the better-engineered cars on the road.

Jeremy: And they definitely hold their value.

Preston: They build them to last, and you’re exactly right — they do hold their value. This is a good ol’ truck, too. This is a 2014 model.

Fully Loaded

Jeremy: It’s got the backup cam; I see that.

Preston: It’s got the big touchscreen. Being a Limited, it’s completely loaded inside. It’s got all the fancy leather; it’s got big touchscreen stereo; it’s got your sunroof up here; it’s got the big center console with all kinds of room there. The front seats are heated, so that’s a nice thing to have in a pickup truck. I mean, this is just loaded up. And, it’s a CrewMax.

Jeremy: I noticed that.

Preston: Yeah, you could put some linebackers back there if you needed to. So with the Tundra, you can get them both sized; you can get a a regular four-door or the CrewMax — the CrewMax is the longer cab, so it’s kind of like your Mega Cab on the Dodge. You know, it’s got more leg room. It doesn’t give you a whole lot more space, but it definitely has more leg room there and cargo space.

Jeremy: And I noticed it’s got that spray-in bed liner, too.

Preston: Yeah, the spray-in bed liner’s done, so that’s one less thing to worry about. It’s one less thing to have to spend money on.

Jeremy: It makes it nice when you know you have to haul something that you know you’re not going to scratch up your bed.

Preston: It’s nice having that peace of mind. You can throw a shovel back there and not worry about it.


Preston: It’s got four-wheel-drive.

Jeremy: There you go — we’re in that red clay Oklahoma.

Preston: If you’re in Oklahoma or Texas and you’re driving a pickup truck, you probably want it to be a four-wheel-drive.

Jeremy: Definitely.

Preston: Toyota is pretty reliable, pretty bulletproof four-wheel-drive system. They go just about anywhere.

5.7L i-Force V8 & 20″ Wheels

Preston: It’s got the 5.7L V8 — the big V8 motor in it.

Jeremy: The big one!

Preston: It’s got factory 20″ wheels, since it is a Limited truck. It’s got like-new all-terrain tires on it.

Jeremy: I looked at them — good tread on those.

Preston: It’s just a good, solid ol’ truck — four-wheel-drive, V8, you’ve got room for everybody. You’ve got the features with the touchscreen and the sunroof and the bed liner that you’re going to love.

Completely Reconditioned

Preston: And, guys, it’s completely reconditioned. We put it through our shop. We fixed whatever we found was wrong with it, changed the oil — a full-synthetic oil change. We use BG Oil Additives on every car. It’s serviced, it’s ready to go, and this is perfect for a summertime road trip.