Test Drive with Integrity: 2018 Ford F-150 XL

Test Drive with Integrity: 2018 Ford F-150 XL

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Riley in this amazing half-ton 2018 Ford F-150 XL.


Jeremy (Sales Associate): Hey, guys! Welcome to another Test Drive Tuesday. You’ve got Jeremy and Riley together again. We’ve got this beautiful 2018 Ford F-150 extended cab. So, I know we get questions all the time: Do we get newer models? Well, this is one of them that Preston has found for us. It’s definitely a good little truck. It’s got the 5.0L motor in it — it’s kind of a sought after motor for some people.

Riley (Sales Associate): It’s got a 10-speed transmission. Unbeatable.

Jeremy: Obviously I see that it has the backup cam. I see the air conditioning controls there, the USB port. You can obviously hook your phone in. Everything anymore is hands-free.

Riley: And then you’ve got your Auto Shut Off if you come to a stop light or traffic. To save fuel, it shuts off automatically. But you can turn that off, as well.

Jeremy: Yeah, that’s a cool thing. They’re making them now where you can go either way. We do get some people that say, “If it’s got that auto shut off, I don’t want it!” So, it makes it nice, and you get some people that do want it to save that gas. So, this would be good when you’re hauling a little trailer, like if you were hauling some shingles or something like that — like a roofer.

Riley: It’s a good little work truck.

Jeremy: Yeah, most definitely. Let’s see, what else do I see here?

Riley: Comfortable cloth seats.

Jeremy: Yeah! You’ve got the back seat, guys, where you can fit some people back there even though it’s just extended cab. It’ll do it. It’s got four-wheel-drive. In Oklahoma, that red clay, a lot of people want that four-wheel-drive.

Riley: And you’ve got your third seat up here, but also the center console.

Jeremy: Yeah, I do get a lot of requests on that one. You know, they’ve got a family and if it’s just the center console, that won’t work for them. There’s a 12-volt plugin there to hook in for the electronics.

Riley: And there’s another one down here.

Jeremy: Yeah, plenty there. It’s definitely a good-quality truck, guys. I mean, you see our inventory all the time; you know, we’re always adding to it, whether it’s half-tons, 3/4-tons, one-tons. And we have had a two-ton truck since I’ve been here. Preston does an amazing job of finding that good-quality truck that you’re proud to take home to the family and show off. That’s what we want to do — we want to help Oklahomans rebuild that credit. We actually just had a customer come in the other day, and her credit was back to where she could go to that traditional lot. We sent her on, she got a brand new vehicle, and she’s excited about it. That’s what we do — we’re honest about everything.