Living Life with Integrity: Bill & Katrina

Living Life with Integrity: Bill & Katrina

Bill makes his living with his truck — a heavy-duty flatbed diesel that gets the job done!


Bill: I transport boats and trailers, RVs, stock trailers, livestock… all over the United States. I’m on the road, probably, at least 75% of the year. I have to have at least a 3/4-ton diesel truck to do it efficiently.

Time for a New Diesel Truck

Bill: My old truck had given up; it had just had all it could take. We were looking for someone who sold diesel trucks. I did some research online and found Integrity. They have new-model trucks, and they’re not junk. The down payment wasn’t astronomical; they worked with us really well on that.

Heartland Service Plan Warranty

Bill: They gave me a good warranty, and with a diesel that’s important because anything that happens to it is expensive.

Integrity Works with You

Bill: When times are slow, they’ve been there. You know, I’ve called and said, “Hey, work’s been a little slow because of weather,” or whatever. They said, “Don’t worry about it.” They took care of me from the beginning.

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