Living Life with Integrity: Daniel

Daniel was laid off during the pandemic, then faced a costly, unexpected repair just as he was about to return to work. Check out his experience with Integrity.


Daniel: Yeah, I need a truck to make a living. You’ve got to be able to get to work, get back and forth to work. You need a dependable, good ride to get to work. In my profession, you can’t be late, you can’t miss days, there are no excuses. You have to be at work when it’s time to go to work. You can’t call in sick. You can’t say, “Well, my truck broke down and I’ll be in there in a couple of days.” You’ll lose your job.

Laid Off During the Pandemic

When the pandemic hit, the economy started going down. Once the economy went down, the oil field started falling off. We were assured we were going to get our jobs back, we just had to wait it out.

Unexpected Repair

The valve body went out in my truck and it was about $1,000 to fix it. I didn’t have it. I’d been waiting on my job to come back, you know, like everybody else for a year, for them to call me back. And I was within 40 hours of going back to work.

The Integrity Difference

So, I called Integrity and asked them if they could help me out, to get me back to work. They got me along, got the part I needed, so I can get to work. And you don’t see that very much. Usually when you buy the car it’s “as is.” If something happens to it, it’s on you. These guys here at Integrity, they’ll help you. They stand behind their word. I’ve been around car lots my whole life, and I’ve never seen a car lot do that… ever.

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