Living Life with Integrity – Rose

Living Life with Integrity – Rose

Repeat customer Rose had an unfortunate mishap after getting her oil changed one Saturday. Hear how the Integrity team went above and beyond to help her out.


Preston Miller (General Manager): Hey, guys! We’re here with Miss Rose Garner — one of our favorite customers ever. She’s a third-time repeat customer — she’s had three cars from us — and the other day she was in for an oil change. Right? One of your free oil changes a couple of weeks ago.

Rose Garner: Yes, I was.

Preston: And, when you left here — unfortunately, it just happens — you hit a curb and got a flat tire.

Rose: Yes, I did.

Preston: It’s just one of those things.

Jeremy (Sales): Just one of those things.

Preston: And, unfortunately, the small, compact car that you bought didn’t come with a spare tire, so you were just dead-in-the-water stranded, right? The good news is, you were right down the street from us. So, we got her back in. We had a couple of mechanics in, off the clock. They were willing to go down and help without even calling me and asking me what to do, which I’m super proud of! Since her car didn’t come with a spare tire, another mechanic has a small car like hers, and he took the spare tire out of the back of his car and to put on your car to help you get home. Guys, if you’ve got a name like ‘Integrity’ on the sign, you’ve got to live up to it, right?

(To Rose) And you’re like family, and we’re going to fix your car for you, get you back on the road. What do you think?

Rose: I love it here. You guys are just so wonderful, and you do help me when I need the help.

Preston: That what it’s all about, right? With a name like Integrity, you’ve got to stand up to it, guys. Who’s got your back?

Rose: Integrity!

Preston: That’s right! Jeremy, thank you so much for helping our customer out!

Jeremy: Oh, absolutely. It’s such a pleasure. I love Miss Rose. Like you said, she is absolutely our family. She’s not a “customer;” she’s family. And we always help our family.

Preston: That’s right. All right, guys! Thanks for watching.

Jeremy: Thanks, guys!

Preston (to Rose): Thank you so much for being part of our Integrity family, for coming back and hanging out with us. All right! We’ll see you guys next time!