Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Ford Flex

Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Ford Flex

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Dontay in this super slick 2016 Ford Flex SUV.


Jeremy (Sales Associate): This one’s nice, man!

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Yep! This is the 2016 Ford Flex. I wanted you to drive it, because I can say it all day, but it’s nothing like you actually really drive it and see it and feel that drive, how smooth these things ride.

But it is a nice, third-row family vehicle, that I know won’t last long at all on the lot.

Jeremy: When they see this video, they’re going to come snatch this one up quick.

Low Milesage

Dontay: Especially with the low miles on this — only 53,000!

Jeremy: 52,196. There you go.

Dontay: That’s low mileage on an SUV, third-row. You talk about a family vehicle that’ll last a while.

Jeremy: Right. Absolutely. And, any more, that’s what people want; they want that third row because they got the bigger families and everything like that. But they want to also go to the grocery store and put the groceries in.

Dontay: Exactly. They want that room. But this one — look how good a shape it’s in! 53,000 miles lets you know it hasn’t been driven a lot, but when you look inside, it looks like it hasn’t been driven at all. When you look at the back seats, that leather…

Jeremy: Those seats look clean.

Dontay: They look like no one’s sat in them almost.

Jeremy: Absolutely.

Dontay: It actually has the bench seating in this one, so it goes all the way across and gives you that extra seat belt, as well. So you get that and that back row. This is one of the nicest SUVs we have as far as a great deal, too, because you get the lower mileage. So it’s going to last longer, hold it’s value. Not to mention, this one has the push start, remote start.

Jeremy: It’s got the heated seats; I can feel it right now.

Dontay: Yeah, it’s winter-ready! Yeah, they definitely got the seats heated up for us. They’re on, I can already tell that. That’s good. This is another one, like I said, the Ford Flex is a third-row vehicle that’s not crazy bad on gas. It’s not as big as, like, one of those big Yukons.

Jeremy: Right. You’re still going to get pretty good gas mileage on it.

Special Financing

Dontay: Still good gas, still good gas. And, like I said, we’ve got 53,000 miles on the vehicle, and we’re still a special finance — pretty much a buy here pay here — a special finance lot. We don’t go off of credit. So you don’t have to have perfect credit to get a 53,000 miles vehicle.

Jeremy: Absolutely! That’s the biggest questions we get asked, when we get the phone calls, is “Hey, I’ve got bad credit.” Doesn’t matter! We’re going to take care of you!

Dontay: We still got you. That’s why I love being in business, period — helping people out who ran into a rough patch. We understand. With the way the world is now, too, with oil field layoffs. Halliburton layoffs just happened. Things like that that happen, divorces and stuff like that happen, it just sets you back. Sometimes it an at-work injury. You look back, and sometimes your credit kind of takes a hit, but that doesn’t mean that you’re still not working hard; you still deserve something nice for your money.

Rebuild Your Credit with Integrity

Jeremy: And I think, we’re a lot alike. We just love helping people. And I think one of the biggest things is because, you know, we’ve been in that situation ourselves where we needed somebody to help us. And this place wasn’t there at that time, and, you know, we like being that place that can help people get back up on their feet. And we report to all three credit bureaus. So that’s what we do: we stand behind it. We’re going to help you get back on your feet.

Dontay: And we still help people to graduate out of our program where they don’t need us.

Jeremy: Yep. So they can go back to traditional lots.

Dontay: We really help a person get up to the point where they can go traditional. It’s like, “Why did you do that? You’re basically helping your customer to where they don’t need you anymore.” No, we’re helping them, they get to go get traditional financing next time, and guess what they do — tell everybody else.

Jeremy: Tell everybody else. “Hey, they helped me get there.”

Dontay: And it’s proof. They’re living proof. So if we can make that happen to as many people as possible, that’s how we’re going to grow.

Jeremy: That’s absolutely it, man. That’s something that my dad always instilled in me: if you treat somebody right, it’s going to come back to you. And that’s what we’re all about: treating our customers right and taking care of them.

Completely Reconditioned

Dontay: Another thing about these is the comfortable seats. Not only are they comfortable, but they have space for car seats, kids, adults — it doesn’t matter. There’s plenty of room. I just wish they could actually see this dash, this esteemed look.

Jeremy: It’s in immaculate condition. Absolutely immaculate condition.

Dontay: No watch dings or scrapes, key scratches. None of that. That’s how you know someone really took care of this ride. Tread on the tires — those are good.

Jeremy: Those are brand new.

Dontay: I like it. I definitely love it.

Jeremy: This is something I wouldn’t mind rolling around in with my family.

Dontay: Yeah, it’s all black, too, so with all the kids I don’t have to worry about cleaning so much. Keep it clean, looking nice. The carpet’s even dark.

Jeremy: You’ve got little kids, that comes in handy.

Dontay: You know I do, you know I do! Other than that, we’re keeping them coming out. Preston’s doing a great job of buying these. Makes it easier to have choice for our customers, offer an actual selection.

The Best Selection of Pre-Owned Vehicles

Jeremy: That’s the thing that separates us, our inventory. We got that amazing inventory.

Dontay: That’s the goal is to pretty much outdo the competition with product. Customer service is given. We had the nerves to call ourselves Integrity, so you know we’re going to stand behind the people. But the biggest thing is the product. We still have a good product. We can even send people off, tell them, “Go shop. Go look around. Compare.”

Jeremy: Then they come back and they say, “You were right.”

Dontay: If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money and you know that you’re going to go through special financing with a higher interest rate than normal, traditional financing, then at least get something that you know is going to hold up.

Jeremy: Right. Absolutely. And I’ve said it many times: you want something that you can go to your family and say, “Hey, look what I got! Look at this vehicle right here.” You’ve got to be proud of it. That’s why we carry the quality that we carry.

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