Test Drive with Integrity: Ram 3500 (6.7L Cummins Diesel)

Test Drive with Integrity: Ram 3500 (6.7L Cummins Diesel)

Take a test drive in this fully-loaded, completely reconditioned 2008 Ram 3500 with a 6.7L Cummins diesel engine!


Karla Banks (Business Development Specialist): That’s what a girl needs in a diesel! I like the “red carpet” roll-out step ladder. That was perfect.

Preston Miller (General Manager): All right. Well, happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody. My name’s Preston; I’m the general manager here at Integrity Auto Finance. We’ve got Karla with us.

Karla: Hi!

Preston: And we are driving an awesome diesel truck today.

Karla: It’s pretty awesome.

Preston: This is a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, so it’s a one-ton, with a 6.7L Cummins diesel.

Karla: Yes, guys, we have diesels at our dealership.

Preston: And this one is probably the nicest one we have out there right now, as far as options go. It’s easier to talk about the options this truck doesn’t have than the options it does have, because it literally has every option.

Karla: So it’s loaded.

Preston: Yeah, a completely loaded truck. This is an ’08 mega cab, so you’ve got all kinds of room in the back with that extended cab after the four doors.

Karla: That’s what a lot of people like is the four doors. They can get in and out, and, if they have kids, they like to have a four-door. So that’s perfect.

Preston: And this one’s got even moor room behind those back seats for storage, or you could lay those seats down and have even more room. The mega cabs are super desirable. Everybody loves them.

Karla: What’s this up here?

Preston: So, interior-wise, it’s got heated leather seats — that is a DVD player. So it’s got the fold-down factory DVD player. Touchscreen stereo up here. Front seats are heated, so you’ve got leather heated up here in the front. Power-sliding window back there.

Karla: That’s perfect.

Preston: You’ve got your overhead console that tells you all your fuel economy and that good stuff up there. 60/40 bench in the middle, so you can fold this up and have another person sit in the front seat — you can get six people in it if you needed to. I mean, a completely loaded truck.

Lift Kit & Off-road Tires and Wheels

Preston: The exterior is the best part about this truck, in my opinion, because it’s already got the lift kit; it’s already got a set of Fuel off-road tires and wheels on it; power-folding step rails, which you saw when you opened the door; spray-in bed liner; gooseneck hitch. So the bed has been sanded down and they spray that black, thick plastic liner on. It keeps it from getting scratched and dented. That’s easier to load stuff in and out of the back. And then it has the gooseneck hitch, too, so  you can pull a big trailer with this. Which is just what you need, being a one-ton truck; this thing was built to haul. It will pull just about anything you needed to pull.

Black Maxx Programmer

Preston: It does have a Black Maxx Programmer in it.

Karla: I was looking at that.

Preston: You can set that to all different kinds of gauges and show you your boost from your turbo or your temperatures or all that. It has a “check engine light” scanner built into it, so if the “check engine” light comes on you can push a button and it tells you what code it is just right there on the fly.

Karla: Immediately?! That is so great!

Preston: It’s like a whole computer that runs this truck, and you can change the programming if you’re pulling a big trailer. You can change the programming to have more power; if you’re looking for better fuel economy you can change it to that. So, all kinds of cool features in that programmer.

Karla: This is definitely for somebody who knows trucks, knows diesels, and knows what they want.

Preston: Yes.

Karla: I do get a lot of calls from people who are very specific about what they want in a truck, and, like you said, it really has everything.

Fully Loaded & Fully Reconditioned

Preston: It has it all. It’s got all the stuff that, you know, a lot of people can go buy a truck, then they spend the money to put the tires and wheels on it, and the lift kit, and the programmer, and the gooseneck hitch, and all the little stuff ads up. This truck’s already complete. It’s completely reconditioned by us, here — serviced, oil changes done, fuel filters are done. You know, anything it needed — tires, brakes, shocks — any of that stuff that it needed, we would have done it, so whoever buys it can rest assured that they’re buying a truck that they can hop in and just go to work and not have to worry about any maintenance issues.

Karla: We’re going to get a lot of calls about this truck, guys!

Preston: We will, we will. And the good news is we’ve got plenty of diesels in stock. I think we’ve got at least six diesels in stock — anything from flatbeds to big lifted trucks to work trucks to anything in between. So, we’ve got plenty of them, but this is probably the nicest one we’ve got as far as the features go.

Karla: Well, I know it’s going to go fast.

Preston: It’s gonna go fast.

Karla: I get a lot of calls. I think people pass by and they’ve seen it recently and have called me about it. So, hopefully we’ll get some test drives today.

Preston: Yeah, this is the perfect truck for a guy that maybe works in the oil fields, the hotshot driver. You know, you need a work truck to haul a gooseneck trailer, maybe a horse trailer. But you don’t want to drive some plain white roll-up-window work truck. This one’s got all the luxury and features you’re going to love. It’s going to make it enjoyable to drive around, and it still has all the power in the world. So, for a one-ton diesel, it’s got all the power. And it’s cool; it’s a cool truck.

Karla: It is cool.

Preston: It’s got all the tires and wheels, it’s all blacked-out. Somebody’s put nice black taillights, you know, everything’s blacked-out.

Karla: That’s right, it did have black taillights. That is so nice. It’s a really good looking truck.

Preston: And 137,000 miles, which is nothing on a Cummins diesel. So, this thing was built to work and it’s got a lot of life left in it.

Don’t Worry About Your Credit

Preston: And, best of all, you don’t have to worry about your credit score. We’ll finance anybody. You know, if you’re a self-employed guy, and it’s hard because you don’t get a pay stub every pay period, we love working with self-insured guys. We do a lot of hotshot drivers and oil field guys that are self-employed, so we make it as easy as possible.

Karla: It’s no problem to get financed with us. We do make it easy, guys. Check us out at Integrity Auto Finance.

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