The Importance of Changing Your Oil: Part 2 [video]

The Importance of Changing Your Oil: Part 2 [video]

Ever wonder what a blown engine looks like? This is Part 2 of our cautionary tale, “The Importance of Changing Your Oil.” You can find Part 1 here.


Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): Hey, guys. You may remember this truck from a video we did last month where we were talking about the importance of doing oil changes. A customer bought this truck from us and drove it 11,000 miles without changing the oil. The customer then brought it in because it was making a lot of rattling, knocking sounds. And, let me just show you, we’ve got the engine out of the truck, we’re replacing the engine. Let’s show you the inside of the old engine so you can see exactly what was making that sound and how important it is to change your oil.

This is the old engine that we pulled out of the truck. Ok, Matt, so tell us what we’re looking at here.

Matt (Integrity Auto Service): This is a piston rod right here. And it’s actually supposed to be this long here with the piston on the end of it here, which is where you get your ‘go.’ This is a bearing that goes in here to protect everything and allow it to move properly. This… we’re not 100% sure of, because it looks nothing like what it should. It actually looks like part of a piston rod again.

Preston: It just smashed it all together.

Matt: Smashed all up. Everything just went catastrophically wrong in it.

Preston: Long story short, what we’re looking at here are the parts of the engine that are not supposed to be in the oil pan. They came apart and it spit them all out down in the oil pan. We’re kind of lucky it didn’t just throw them out of the side of the engine block on the highway.

Matt: Very lucky, yeah. That could’ve been bad.

Preston: So, yeah. If you don’t change your oil, and things aren’t getting lubricated properly, this is, you how, worse-case-scenario what can happen. You don’t want this to happen.

$15 Oil Changes

Preston: Here at Integrity, we offer $15 oil changes for the life of your car loan. Super affordable, super convenient. We want to make sure that you’re not stuck on the side of the road or stuck with expensive repair bills, just like this truck. All you’ve got do is come see Matt or give him a call.

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