Test Drive with Integrity: 2012 GMC Sierra Z71 with Roll N Lock Cover

Test Drive with Integrity: 2012 GMC Sierra Z71 with Roll N Lock Cover

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this gorgeous 2012 GMC Sierra Z71.


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Ooh,… the Sierra! GMC Sierra!

Preston Miller (General Manager): Talk about a nice truck. This is… this is probably my favorite truck on the lot.

Dontay: Yep!

Preston: My favorite one, yeah.

Dontay: Okay! I can see the backup cam in the rear view mirror already. Dang,.. this leather’s nice, man. Looks like nobody’s sat in the back seat.

Preston: Yeah, it’s a nice one. Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody. Today Dontay and I are driving a 2012 GMC Sierra. This truck is gorgeous, it’s loaded. Pearl white, all-terrain package, black leather, heated seats. This truck has a front suspension leveling kit on it, so it sets up tall. It’s got a brand new set of Fuel off-road chrome 20″s, brand new set of all-terrain tires on them. This truck is just perfect inside and out. It’s gorgeous. Whoever had this truck before we got it, they took really good care of it cosmetically and mechanically.

Dontay: It was about to say, it doesn’t feel like they drove it much at all. It’s real nice — they cared, somebody cared.

Preston: A lot of times on these trucks, the dash is prone to getting cracked up there, the radio buttons will get worn and have that green look to them. This truck doesn’t have any of that. Whoever had it took really good care of it. And on top of that, it’s just a nice truck. Pearl white — gorgeous color on the outside. It works really well with all the chrome trim — it’s got chrome step rails, chrome everything. The whole font end — painted grill, all painted to match, painted bumpers.

Roll N Lock Bed Cover

Dontay: It even has a cover on the back, I saw, as well.

Preston: Yeah, it’s got a Roll N Lock bed cover on it, so you can roll it up and use your full bed just like you would any truck. If you want to put some tools back there and keep them safe, keep them from getting wet, or whatever, you can roll that thing back closed and lock it. Done deal.

Dontay: A lot of people like the Roll N Locks, too, versus the cover you open, you got to take off and put back on. Camper shells, you know.

Preston: Yeah, that’s one of the things that sucks about putting one of those hard tonneau covers on there. They’re awesome, but then when you need to put a refrigerator or a tool box back there, you’ve got to take all of that off and it’s just a pain in the butt.

Dontay: Exactly.

Preston: You get the best of both worlds with that Roll N Lock cover.

Dontay: Heck, yeah. Good ol’ Sierra. My sister’s named Sierra. That’s a sign! But for sure, I know this one won’t last long on the lot. A lot of people come in and they want their trucks nice inside — a lot of our truck buyers spend a lot of time inside the trucks. Their money-makers. So that’s the main thing — they look at it to make sure it looks good on the inside. And this one does it.

Z71 All-Terrain Package

Preston: It’s gorgeous on the inside. It’s got the all-terrain package — the Z71 package. So that adds all this nice brushed aluminum trim, where your other trucks will just have plain black interior, or wood grain. This one’s got the brushed aluminum. It looks really good; it matches with the white and the black aesthetics of the truck. Carbon fiber pattern on the gauges. Full center console — so, most of the trucks will have a fold-down bench seat right here; you’ve got a full center console with all kinds of storage, cup holders, all kinds of stuff.

Dontay: These heated seats work well, too.

Preston: Gosh, I turned mine off. They’re warm! It’s 32° right now, but it is warm in this truck.

Dontay: Yes it is.

Preston: Warm seats. This truck’s got a backup camera, too. So it makes it just that much easier to maneuver the truck around a parking lot or backing up to a trailer. It’s got the Bose speaker system, so awesome speakers, amplified speaker system.

Dontay: I love the Bose system.

Preston: Steering wheel controls. It has adjustable pedals, so it’s good for a short guy like me. You can get the seat where you’re comfortable, and then you can adjust the pedals forwards or backwards to get them right where you want them.

Dontay: Yeah, that’s definitely safer. Good deal, man. This is a good pick.

AutoCheck Vehicle History Report

Preston: The most important thing about this truck — the thing I like about it the most, and the reason it’s one of my favorite trucks on the lot — is this is an actual one-owner truck, too. We pull an AutoCheck history report on every car before we buy it, and we pull it again before it goes on the lot so we can check for any errors, any inconsistencies, any problems that we don’t like, you know, that we don’t want to sell something messed-up to a customer. From the minute I first saw this truck, and I scanned it and I checked the AutoCheck vehicle history report, I saw it was a one-owner and saw how nice it was. You know, this is the ideal truck to buy. If you’re going to buy a used car, you want to buy the one that was best taken care of. You don’t want to buy someone else’s worn-out old truck. You want to buy one like this. So that’s one of the things that makes me say that this is one of my favorite trucks, because it really is just a good truck. Somebody took really good care of it. We’re fortunate to have it; the customer that buys it from us is going to be really lucky to get into this truck.

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