2020 Toyota Camry LE

2020 Toyota Camry LE

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Cody in this fuel-efficient 2020 Toyota Camry LE.


Jeremy Wilhite (Sales Manager): Hey, guys! Happy Test Drive Tuesday. You’ve got Jeremy here, and you’ve got our newest inventory specialist, Mr. Cody, with us today. We’ve actually gone away from commissioned salespeople. We’re trying to make it comfortable for the customer with no pressure. So today we are test driving this beautiful 2020 Toyota Camry. Preston outdid himself on this car. This thing is a beauty.

Loaded with Features

Jeremy: So, it’s a beautiful white color. Let’s see, we’ve got all kinds of features here, guys: backup cam, hand-free phone-sync, nice cloth interior. This is an SE model. I’m seeing that it’s showing us our miles per gallon here. So, a lot of people with the gas prices the way they are, they’re wanting something economical, and this is over 30 miles per gallon.

Great Fuel Economy

Cody: These new 2020 Toyotas are getting all the gas mileage right now. And with the economy that we’re in today, that’s super important.

Jeremy: It absolutely is, it absolutely is. We got to sit in this a minute before we took it out for the test drive. It’s got the Apple CarPlay.

Cody: Yeah, the Apple CarPlay that’s been popping up in the last few years. It makes is super easy to hook up your phone. You don’t have to worry about dealing with Bluetooth and whether or not you’re stopped or started. You just plug your phone in and you have all the control through there.

Jeremy: And this thing drives like a dream. It’s got the cold air; it’s got wifi capability. A lot of your newer cars are really going to that because, let’s be honest, we’re driven by wifi nowadays.

Cody: We’re in a connected age.

Jeremy: We are.

Reconditioning Process

Jeremy: So, just to go over a few things: we do a full reconditioning on these vehicles. Cody, do you remember what all was done to this?

Cody: Yeah, so this one got four brand new tires, front brakes, front rotors. So you’re good to go; stop and start as much as you please.

Jeremy: On the rotors and brake pads, didn’t they get replaced on all four?

Cody: Yes! That’s right, it was a full replacement on all four.

Jeremy: And then one of the first things we do is a full-synthetic oil change as soon as we get it. Somebody may have given it an oil change before it went to auction, but we’re going to knock out another full-synthetic oil change to make sure it’s done right. I know they did the air filter, as well. So that’s freshly replaced and ready to go to help keep that gas mileage up there. A lot of people overlook the air filters when they’re doing a routine maintenance and stuff like that, but, you know, it’s something that definitely needs to be changed as needed, as it gets dirty.

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