Test Drive with Integrity: 2021 Toyota Tacoma SR

Test Drive with Integrity: 2021 Toyota Tacoma SR

Take a test drive with Dontay and Cody in this beautiful 2021 Toyota Tacoma.


Dontay Pompey (Director of Marketing / Sales Manager): Oh, this one’s nice! Welcome to Test Drive Tuesday, guys! You’ve got Dontay here and Cody.

Cody (Inventory Specialist): What’s going on, guys?

Dontay: We are out in a Toyota Tacoma.

Cody: Yeah, a little 2021 Toyota Tacoma today.

Dontay: This looks nice, and it’s the midnight black — pretty color! If you’re in the market for a truck, but you don’t want to pay a lot in gas, this Tacoma is it! And, not only that, it has plenty of room to be a “small” truck. I can’t believe there’s this much room up front; my legs are stretched out straight!

Cody: That’s one of my favorite parts about the Tacoma, Dontay. Even for a smaller truck and a smaller package, especially up front in the cabin you get quite a lot of space.

Dontay: And these Toyotas are durable. Everybody wants these because they last longer, they hold their value.

Cody: The Tacoma, especially, in the mid-size truck segment, is one of the trucks that holds its value best. And, like you said, the Toyota dependability. Everyone knows a Toyota will go for 500,000 miles, you know?

Dontay: And it’s very rare to get them, because people keep these. They stay in the family. They pass them down. They keep them and whatnot. I’m glad to get them. But, we have two Tacomas on our lot, actually! And they’ve both got very low miles. I think they’re under 30,000 miles for both of them combined.

Cody: We’re right at about 27,000 between the two trucks.

Dontay: That’s crazy! That’s awesome.

Cody: I’m not a math major, though. So don’t quote me on that.

Dontay: Well, just the fact that we’re not based off credit and we’re based off income,… and we’re still having trucks like this. So, you can run into a problem in your life, and you can still get something that you deserve to have. Your money is going to something that you can be proud of.

Cody: Exactly.

Dontay: And I love it. This one’s pretty nice. I see the floor mat, too.

Cody: It’s got some WeatherTech® floor mats in there, and just kind of some cool safety features that are on these newer trucks. This one has forward collision avoidance, cruise control assist, etc… So that keeps you a certain distance away from anyone who’s in front of you when you have the cruise control on. It has lane keep assist to help you stay in your own lane, which I think we all should be doing.

Dontay: Definitely need that!

Cody: It’s got Apple CarPlay, navigation, bluetooth, backup camera — all those touchy-feely things that everyone wants nowadays. It’s got them all.

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