Free CARFAX Vehicle History Report on Every Vehicle

Free CARFAX Vehicle History Report on Every Vehicle

Why would you buy a car without knowing its history?

Check out some of the top red flags to look out for when viewing a vehicle history report.

At Integrity, not only do we provide free CARFAX vehicle history reports on every one of our vehicles, we’ll also give you a free CARFAX report for any vehicle you’re thinking about purchasing, even if you’re at another dealership.


Dontay Pompey (General Manager, Integrity Auto Finance): Why would anyone want to purchase a new vehicle without knowing its history?

Preston Miller (General Manager, Integrity Auto Service): We all want to drive a good car, right? One that hasn’t been wrecked or abused. As a consumer, aside from the obvious physical condition of the vehicle, how would you be able to tell if the vehicle that you’re interested in buying has ever had some skeletons in the closet or some serious accidents? Well, one simple way is a vehicle history report. These history reports compile data from title records, insurance companies, and service shops to give you an idea of the overall history and condition of the vehicle.

CARFAX Vehicle History Report

Preston: There are many different history reports out there, and, believe me, we’ve seen them all. By far, we prefer CARFAX because it’s the most consistent and has the most records available.

Dontay: So, what’s the problem with a used vehicle with a bad history report? Well, for one: the value, guys. If you’re putting your hard-earned money into a vehicle, and you decide to trade it or sell it one day, well, guess what: it’s not worth as much.

Where Did the Vehicle Come From?

Dontay: And another thing: think about where it’s come from. Where could that vehicle have been before it got to you? For instance, you don’t want to purchase a vehicle that just came from Canada or up north with all that rust. Pay attention, guys. These dealerships out here, they won’t tell you. You have got to ask. Ask for the CARFAX.

Red Flags in a Vehicle History Report

Preston: There are several things that you want to look for in the vehicle history report. Things that I would consider red flags are things like title issues, where a car might have a salvaged or a rebuilt title, which is an indication that the car has been in a serious accident.

And then there’s other accidents on the history reports. Minor accidents could be anything like a scratch or a ding; moderate to severe accidents usually mean that the car had to be towed away after the accident, so it’s usually pretty severe, right?

And last, but not least important, is the airbag deployment. If you see a CARFAX report with an airbag deployment, that’s an indication that that car has been in a serious accident, and who knows if it’s been fixed properly or not. It’s not something I’d want to gamble on with my family’s safety, for sure. And that’s just a few of many red flags to look out for in the vehicle history report.

Only at Integrity: Get a Free CARFAX Report for Any Vehicle

Dontay: No matter what, whether you’re shopping for a vehicle here at Integrity or somewhere else, we feel it if very important to really know the history of the vehicle that you’re shopping for. We feel it’s so important, that we have a special offer for you.

Preston: That’s right! No matter where you’re shopping, if another dealer doesn’t want to show you the history report (red flag: there may be a reason why!), just get us the VIN and Integrity will give you a CARFAX report free of charge. Now, that’s Integrity!

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