Integrity’s Concierge Service

Integrity’s Concierge Service

Integrity is offering our Concierge Service in this time of stay-at-home social distancing. Shop online: apply for financing, get pre-approved, and pick out your vehicle, all before setting foot in the store. We are doing in-person sales by appointment to continue social distancing best practices in the time of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. This limits our amount of foot traffic and limits in-store customers to one family at a time.

Concierge Service

Our new Concierge Service is customer-focused for the best, most exclusive car-buying experience possible.

  • Appointment-based selling, assuring we are prepared in advance when you arrive at the store, including pre-approval for financing
  • Easy buying experience, with no pressure to buy
  • Interest rates customized to your financial history and current situation
  • Payments customized to your ability to pay
  • A wide selection of vehicles, allowing you to choose the vehicle that best suits your needs
  • Layaway and deferred down payment programs that make it easier to buy
  • Ability to customize vehicles, either at time of sale or after sale through our Post-Sale Financing Program
  • Personalized service after the sale including repair assistance programs
  • Reporting to all three major credit bureaus to increase opportunity to improve credit scores
  • AutoPay Rewards Program that earns you rewards for timely payments
  • GAP insurance
  • Aggressive trade-in program to enable you to trade up and report a payoff to further help you improve your credit scores


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Hello, Oklahoma! Hopefully you’re out there staying safe. My name is Dontay Pompey, and I am the general manager of sales here at Integrity Auto Finance. And I just wanted to introduce you guys to our Concierge Service. Now, we’re doing whatever we can for you to minimize your time out in the world.

For instance, we have our appointments setup where we’re actually setting up appointments just to minimize traffic to the store, helping to maximize your opportunity to be by yourself in the store.

Next: online applications. We want you to get approved before coming out. That way you know that there’s a good reason to come out to the store. We have the online applications available on our website so that way you can get approved and know it’s the reason to come on out and see us.

We also have our Test Drive videos and our Walkaround videos we’re doing on every vehicle. Therefore, you can get an actual look at the vehicle that you’re interested in coming in to purchase.

So we want to do whatever we can to keep you guys feeling safe — less traffic here, keep us safe as well. And just remember that we are keeping everything clean — the tables, chairs, still wiping down before and after test drives. So don’t hesitate to give us a call and come in and get your new ride, where we are staying safe here at Integrity Auto Finance. And, hey — thanks for your trust!

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