Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford Expedition Platinum

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford Expedition Platinum

Take a test drive with the entire sales team in this beautiful, loaded 2015 Ford Expedition Platinum!


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): It’s a plati-plati-platinum!

Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): We got the whole family, the whole Integrity family here — most of them, anyway – – for Test Drive Tuesday.

Karla Banks (): It’s so nice! I’m in love already.

Preston: Happy August — Truckstock month!

Dontay: All trucks including this one — this is a truck, this is a truck! We’re going to count it as a truck and that’s still $1500 off when you come see us!

Truckstock: All Trucks $1500 Off

Preston: Woodstock — 50 years ago, August 1969. So a commemorative sales event we’ve got going on is Truckstock. That’s why we’re wearing the tie dye, we’ve got all kinds of peace signs — 31 Days of Peace, Love & Trucks!

Karla: I’m so happy you got this. I have so many families that call me for third-rows, and this has to be the top-of-the-line.

Preston: This is the top of the line. So, this is the newest edition to the lot; this is a 2015 Ford Expedition Platinum. And Platinum, for you guys that don’t know, is the top-of-the-food-chain, the most baller, loaded, luxurious Expedition they make.

Dontay: We can tell!

Preston: So, on the outside this thing is the best color you can get — it’s “Sooner” crimson red. This thing has factory 22″ wheels and they’re awesome polished aluminum, really shiny, good-looking wheels. We put a brand-new set of tires on them, so you don’t have to worry about that expense going down the road. As far as the inside,.. what do you guys think back there? Comfortable? Plenty of room?

So we’ve got five adults in the back — the whole sales crew. And even a six-foot-tall guy back there in the third row. So it’s got enough room for the entire family, plus a few. This is the best road-trip car you can get, this is perfect for road trips — comfortable, great on fuel, dependable, and it looks good while you’re doing it.

Powerful and Fuel-Efficient

So this thing, under the hood, it’s got the 3.5L EcoBoost so it’s a V6 twin turbo. Usually these big SUVs are terrible on gas, you know, they’re boxy, they’re not fuel-efficient, they have big motors,… because they’re built like a truck! This one has Ford’s EcoBoost motor, so V6 twin turbo get’s twenty-miles-plus to the gallon. Can’t go wrong there.

Dontay: They’re going to want to buy it quick when they see they can save on that gas, take those road trips, travel… because you know that’s usually where it hits at. What about pull-power? Does it still pull small trailers?

Preston: Factory trailer brakes, so, yeah, you could pull a small trailer with this, no problem.

Heated & Cooled Leather Seats

You can control the radio and the rear air conditioning from back there. Aside from being awesome-looking on the outside, this thing is packed with features on the inside. This leather is a dark brown, almost maroon leather, with grey, two-tone accents in the seats. It’s got the Platinum stitching behind you there. These front seats are heated and cooled.

Dontay: I’m noticing the cool.

Preston: I turned your cooled seat on for you.

Karla: As well as the middle captain seats, right?

Preston: The captain seats right here in the middle are heated. And then in the very back, your seats are actually power-folded, so they’ll fold all the way down and you can put a bunch of cargo, luggage, whatever you need to put back there. And you’ve got even more space in the back. Perfect road-trip car.

One-Owner Vehicle

Karla: It’s so crazy, the interior is so clean and so perfect, I feel like only one person owned this vehicle.

Preston: This actually is a one-owner truck. I pull an AutoCheck on every car before I buy it at the auction. This one was a new car trade-in at another new-car store, and it was a one-owner. So the original person bought it, drove it for a little bit, traded it in for a new one. And the people that had this before took really good car of it.


We didn’t have to do a lot of work to it. We did a full synthetic oil change, new wiper blades, and put a new set of tires on it. Other than that, it was pretty-much perfect.

Luxury Loaded

Dontay: But also you’ve got electronic hookups, too. I saw the USBs inside here, and you got all that stuff in the back where you can hook-up all your devices.

Preston: This thing is packed with all kind of features inside. The heated and the cooled in the front; it’s got the big touchscreen. You’ve got your navigation; you’ve got your entertainment, satellite radio, all that stuff. Your phone integration, so you can sync your phone — plug it in or Bluetooth your phone to the system. Play all your music, get all your phone calls — all that stuff — right on the car, you don’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket. If somebody calls you, you push the button and there you go.

Dontay: Backup cam.

Preston: Backup camera — it’s loaded! It’s got every option!

Dontay: Push start!

Preston: Look at this — it’s even got a sunroof!

Dontay: I’m telling you! The list is a lot smaller just asking what this vehicle doesn’t have!

Preston: Exactly!

Karla: You mentioned something about the key fob. Explain that to me again.

Ford’s MyKey

Preston: So this has got a proximity key, so you don’t have to put the key in the ignition. You can keep it in your purse or in your pocket, just get in and push the button. And a cool thing about this is it’s got Ford’s MyKey system, so you can have two keys. And if you have two different drivers, like a husband and a wife, each key has its own set of settings that go along with it. So, if the husband hops in and pushes the button, the seat automatically adjusts to that driver’s profile. And vice versa with whoever else has Key #2. So, that’s pretty cool. This thing is completely loaded features.

Karla: Technology!

Dontay: Remote start, too!

Preston: Remote start, backup camera, navigation, heated and cooled seats. I think the only option this thing doesn’t have is the entertainment, the DVD player in the back, which people don’t really use nowadays anyway because people have an iPad or a cellphone. Nobody wants to carry around a bunch of DVDs.

Karla: You can plug in a laptop. There’s a whole power socket here.

Dontay: You got it all! This is a camping vehicle; you can take it camping and everything. You get quite a bit with this one.

Preston: So, Happy Test Drive Tuesday! Thanks for watching our video. If you want to come down and take an actual test drive on this vehicle, see one of these awesome sales representatives, talk to Dontay, and we’ll get you in and out as quick as possible, get you driving away in something you love to drive.

Dontay: And hurry up, because it will go fast! It won’t stay on the lot long.

Come In for a Test Drive

Preston: The good thing is this is just one of five Expeditions I bought last week. So I’m trying to keep the lot stocked up with Expeditions and Explorers and Tahoes because you got to have a bunch of third-row vehicles, everybody’s got a family, it’s road-trip season, and we’ll have plenty to replace them with. But, I’ll tell you right now, this is the nicest one! This is the only Platinum; I’ve got a couple of Limiteds coming, some other four-wheel-drive stuff, but this is the only Platinum. So if you want the boss of the road, this is the one you’re going to have to come down and get!








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