Integrity’s Escape Sale [video]

Gas prices got you down? Check out our huge selection of economical Ford Escapes during Integrity’s Escape Sale!


Dontay Pompey (General Manager): Do you feel trapped in that gas-guzzler? And with the rising of high gas prices, is that making it a little harder to drive it? Well, guess what! We have the key to your Escape!

We have tons of Ford Escapes on the lot, from this Titanium behind me that’s loaded — nice maroon paint job with the tinted windows, guys! And we also have Escapes that have great CARFAXes; we don’t mind showing you the vehicle history report on all of our vehicles! These Escapes are nice — service records are completed! Not to mention, biggest of all, guys, you’re saving on that gas. So escape those gas prices and enjoy a nice SUV — the feeling of an SUV, sitting high!

So hurry down to Integrity and take advantage of our Escape Sale today!

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