Living Life with Integrity: Tyler

Living Life with Integrity: Tyler

Through Integrity’s Accessory Finance Program, Tyler was able to make his Chevy Suburban his own.


Tyler: We recently moved here from Illinois about three years ago, and I had a Maxima. And the Maxima did not have AC at all, and it was on its last leg. I was looking around, and I realized I didn’t have the best of credit. So, I went to other dealerships to see what I could find. Then I came here and I found the Chevy Suburban, and the salesman was like, “Okay. Let’s get you in it.”

It’s Our Job to Get You Approved

Tyler: Dontay and the other sales guy really put themselves out there to try to help me get into a vehicle when other dealers just looked at your credit as a number and said, “No, you’re not good enough. See you later.” Here, they looked past that, and really treated you as a person, not by a credit score.

Accessory Finance Program

Tyler: I waited about two years — I got half my loan paid off — and I decided that I would like to, you know, make it mine! I called Summer and Matt, and I said this is something that I’d like to do. They said, “Well, we have our Accessory Finance Program here that’s for you to get that taken care of.” So, I picked out everything I wanted on it and they ordered it. Summer took care of it, and there it was. On Monday I was driving my lifted Suburban.

The Golden Rule

Tyler: It’s a feeling that you would not get anywhere else, 100%. There’s no other dealership around here that’s either a used car lot or a Buy Here Pay Here. Nobody’s going to do that. You know, they want to make their car their own, and that’s something that really stands out here. I’m not just a number here, I’m a person, and they treat me as such. It really made me feel good, and it’s not just for me, but for my two children. Now they have a safe and reliable vehicle that they can get in every single day when I take them to daycare or take them to school. So, that’s something that I will always be grateful for.