Living Life with Integrity: Jonathan

Living Life with Integrity: Jonathan


Jonathan: I tow vehicles for a living. We have a tow industry here. I haul and transport trailers, and me needing a vehicle — a reliable truck for transportation to help me out on my day-to-day purpose — is very important to me.

One day I wrecked my vehicle. I was searching for vehicles, for my next vehicle. You know, my truck is wrecked so I need another truck now. I need something now. Whenever I went to Integrity and let them know what happened with my last truck I had with them, Preston was there. He said, “Man, I’ve got something perfect for you.”

He showed me the Dodge; I fell in love with it. And I get better everything. I get a better warranty. I’m not getting screwed over — I’m getting a Dodge warranty. I get a warranty through Integrity. And I get that Integrity Pro program they have. Honestly, if something happens to this truck, I’m not stranded. I can still work. I’d still be able to use a truck they have available for me so I can keep going while this truck’s getting repaired.

The Ram that I purchased from Integrity has been very helpful already. I’ve had no issues; it’s been perfect. Everything that I’ve needed in a truck, I’ve got.

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