My Integrity Story: Chere & James

My Integrity Story: Chere & James

Hear from Chere and James — why they value their two vehicles from Integrity, and how Integrity helped them when things got tough during the pandemic.


Chere: Every Saturday and Sunday, we always try to get out of the house — a trip to the park, out to eat, out for ice cream or a slush. We try to make sure that they have some kind of air and exercise instead of being stuck in the house. Without the two vehicles setting in our driveway, we would be in a really bad spot because, financially, we wouldn’t have a way to and from work.

James: You know, Integrity takes real good care of their vehicles so you know when you get a vehicle, it’s going to be well taken care of. I chose [the truck] because, well, it was the best-looking one on the lot and it has everything. It came with the rims and tires on it; I think they do that with all their trucks now.

Chere: In the beginning when the Covid first started is when we actually got the truck. And then when the Covid really started getting bad, James’ hours had gone down some, so we were able to call Mona and she kind of did some adjustments for us to be able to help us get into having our payment made and everything working out for us.

Chere: It’s very nice to walk into Integrity and they know you by name, and…

James: They know you by the vehicle you got last time! It makes it a lot easier because you know that when you call them they’re going to answer and they’re probably going to have the right answer, and it makes you feel a lot more comfortable after you get off the phone with them that you know, whatever your situation is, that they’re definitely going to work on trying to help you.

James: People stop me sometimes and ask me, “That’s a nice truck! Where’d you get it?” and I always tell them Integrity, and I promise them it’s the easiest place you’ll go to to get a vehicle. I don’t have the best credit, I know they might not either, but when you walk in there you’re probably going to walk out with a vehicle.