Test Drive with Integrity: 2004 Ford Ranger Edge

Test Drive with Integrity: 2004 Ford Ranger Edge

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Antoine in this hard-to-find 2004 Ford Ranger.


Jeremy Wilhite (Sales Manager): Hey, guys! Happy Test Drive Tuesday! You’ve got Jeremy and Antoine together today. We’re doing a test drive on this ’04 Ford-freakin’-Ranger. That what the service guys have been saying: Ford-freakin’-Ranger. So guys, this one that we’re test driving today is a beautiful little truck, a little extended cab, but the good thing is you don’t have any seats in the back. So, you’ve definitely got plenty of leg room in this thing. What do you think of that color, man? That blue color is pretty.

Antoine (Sales Associate): It’s got a lot of leg room.

Low Miles & Fully Loaded

Jeremy: For sure. So, this one, guys, has only got 88,000 miles on it. So, this is super low-mileage for a truck like this. You’ve got the aftermarket Sony radio in here. Definitely, obviously, we get people making “smart” comments all the time — “Hey, does it have AC?” Yes, it’s got AC, blowing nice and cold for us, guys. But it’s actually got this spray-in Bullet bedliner. Man, I’ll tell you what, Antoine: what I really see is this would be a great truck for somebody with a little lawn business; they could hook a trailer onto this thing, man, go make them some money.

We Love Doing Business with Self-Employed Customers

Jeremy: And we work with the self-employed people, man. We specialize in it.

Antoine: It’s a very smooth ride.

Jeremy: Oh, definitely; definitely. I grew up on trucks like these. When Preston brought this in, I was like, “Man, that takes me back to my childhood.”

Antoine: Go fishing in this.

Jeremy: Yeah, definitely that. Whether you’ve got that little small business or maybe you’re a college student and you need a little something like this for back and forth to college. That’s definitely doable, as well.

Easy Financing

Jeremy: Antoine, if they’re interested in a truck like this, what do they need to do?

Antoine: It’s very simple: for a truck like this, you’ll need your proof of income, proof of address, and driver’s license. And you can test drive it today.

Jeremy: That’s it! And, guys, you can put that inquiry in online — we get a lot of people that are on their lunch breaks and they’re like, “I want to tell people that I’m interested in a vehicle with them, but I don’t have a lot of time because I’m at lunch.” So, the great thing is it takes you about two minutes — if that — to put that little simple inquiry in, and then you don’t have to worry about it because we’ll reach out to you.