Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 GMC Sierra SLT

Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 GMC Sierra SLT

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Riley in this 2014 GMC Sierra SLT 4X4!


Jeremy (Sales Associate): Hey, guys! You’ve got Riley and Jeremy for another Test Drive video today! Today, we’ve got us this 2014 GMC Sierra, all-terrain! It’s another beautiful truck that Preston found us.

Riley (Sales Associate): It’s got the color-matched bed cover on it; you got the dual heat and air, heated seats.

Jeremy: That comes in handy. I love the heated seats, too. You know, you get on that long drive, you can definitely keep your back in good shape. As we get older, our backs don’t work as good.

Fully Loaded

Jeremy: Okay, guys, we’ve got our touchscreen, I see, on this.

Riley: Then you’ve got the dual gloveboxes.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah — it’s got the storage space. It’s still got the owner’s manual in there, I see. It’s got plenty of hook-ins for your electronics. You’ve got three USB plugins on my side; a couple of 12Vs; an actual 110 plugin on Riley’s side.

Riley: It’s pretty cool because you’ve got the red stitching that kind of accents everything.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah. That makes it nice and pretty.

Riley: You’ve got it in the front and back, actually. And it’s got the black leather seats, obviously.

Jeremy: Yeah, and it’s a crew cab, so whether you use it for work or for family, there’s plenty of room for kids or the crew.

Riley: And you even get the fancy sunroof.

Jeremy: Oh, man — look at that! That is fancy, fancy. That’s the thing when Preston finds these trucks — just good-quality trucks. This one’s sitting at about 148,000 on the mileage. I mean, this is not bad.

Riley: It’s pretty well taken care of.

Jeremy: They took very good care of it. It is four-wheel-drive; I know that’s a big thing. In Oklahoma we’ve got that good 0l’ red clay, and people want that four-wheel-drive. This definitely fits most every need that we’ve got. And it also, I noticed, has the foot pedals to scoot forward.

Riley: Then you’ve got the rain guard on the windows.

Jeremy: That definitely comes in handy, especially when we’re in that rainy season here.

Special Financing

Jeremy: It’s not hard to get approved with us. Riley, tell them what they need to do if they’re interested in this one.

Riley: So, all you have to do is give us a call at (405) 456-6235, ask for me or Jeremy. You guys can come in or call and set an appointment. You can check out our inventory. You can even go online and fill out an application there.