Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford F-350 Flatbed

Take a test drive with Preston and Jeremy in this one-ton 2015 Ford F-350 diesel flatbed.


Preston Miller (General Manager): Hello, guys! Happy Test Drive Tuesday!

Jeremy (Sales): It’s Tuesday all over again.

Preston: Today, Jeremy and I will be test driving this 2015 Ford F-350, single axle, with a 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engine.

Jeremy: It’s in really good condition, too, Preston.

Preston: Man, this is a clean, clean truck. Super cab, so it’s an extended cab. Both of the small doors on the back do open, so it’s a lot easier to get stuff in and out of them. The back seat folds up for interior cargo space if you need to haul something in the back that you don’t want to get wet on the bed of the truck. And you’ve got three shoulder belts in the back; you can fit three adults back there. You don’t have as much leg room as a four-door, but you can fit them back there, and everybody’s safe and happy. Best of all on this truck, though — 118,000 miles, which is just a drop in the bucket on a heavy-duty diesel.

Jeremy: Exactly. It’s barely even broken in.

AutoCheck Vehicle History Report

Preston: And this is a true blue one-owner truck on the AutoCheck. It was really well-maintained when we got it. We were fortunate to find this one. They took really good care of it.


Preston: It’s an XLT truck — so not a base-model work truck. It has the comfortable, convenient options — your power windows and locks, nice plush cloth seats that do have a nice set of custom-fit seat covers on the entire front. From the seats to the center console lid — and even the fold-down part of this seat — it has a nice vinyl seat cover on it. And they fit on there so good that we didn’t even take them off, but we pulled them up a little bit and the cloth looks like it’s brand new underneath them, so they’ve probably been on there since this truck was about-new. Most dealers would pull those off, but I think it’s a value to whoever is going to buy it, so the next guy doesn’t have to spend money on buying seat covers. Protect the seats and not have to pay money to do it.

Toolbox and Diesel Tank

Preston: Aside from that, it’s got a great big toolbox on the bed. And it’s not just a toolbox; it’s got two sides to it. It does have some toolbox storage where you can open it up and put stuff in there. It also has a diesel tank built underneath that toolbox, so you have a gravity-fed diesel tank under there. If you’re on a long trip and you need a little more diesel, you can flip a valve and drop some more diesel in the tank.

Jeremy: That’s going to be a working guy’s dream, right there.

Preston: That’s another one of those things that, you know, we leave on there and give that value to whoever buys the truck, because I think that’ll come in handy for somebody, whoever buys this one. The extended cab’s got the longer wheel base, so you’ve got all kinds of room on the bed. This truck would be great for a hotshot driver or oilfield guy, somebody that even does…

Jeremy: A welder.

Preston: Yeah, a welder. Somebody that does lawncare that needs to haul stuff on the back. You know, with this big bed, you could put just about anything you’d want on there.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah. You can definitely get mowers and stuff like that on there.

Preston: It’s got a great big gooseneck hitch built into the bed. Toolboxes on each side of it. They’re nice; they’re not all rusty.

Jeremy: No, they’re in really good shape.

Completely Reconditioned

Preston: Everything looks in real great shape. This truck is completely reconditioned, serviced in our shop. Anything that we found on it that we could fix got fixed. Oil has been changed, everything’s been serviced. Brakes have been checked out and changed. And it’s ready to go to work. This is a truck that’s going to make somebody some money.

Jeremy: It definitely is. And, like we talked about with the low-mileage, it’s going to last a long time. That’s what people look for — something that will last a long time and make the money for them that they need it to.

Preston: Usually you get these one-ton trucks — especially single-axle — and they are rough riding, you know? But this one, being a longer wheel base, it’s so comfortable, quiet.

Jeremy: You don’t feel the bumps in the road as much. It’s a good truck.

Preston: It’s a nice truck, a real nice truck.

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