Test Drive with Integrity: 2017 Chevy Silverado LT Z71

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Cody in this awesome 2017 Chevy Silverado LT Z71!


Jeremy (Sales Manager): Hey, guys!

Cody (Inventory Specialist): What’s going on, folks?!

Jeremy: Happy Test Drive Tuesday with Cody and Jeremy. We’re doing a test drive today on this beautiful 2017 Chevy Silverado. This is a 1500, guys, so it’s a half-ton. It’s a Z71 4X4, so it’s got that off-road package on it. And a 4X4 — Oklahoma’s got that red clay. So it’s always nice to have the 4X4.

Fully Loaded

Jeremy: So Preston has managed to find us another good one, as he typically does. Right off the bat, I see that this thing only has 68,000 miles. I mean, low miles on these trucks.

Cody: Absolutely. You can’t really find one that low.

Jeremy: And we’ve got a full crew cab here, guys. Plenty of room in the backseat. So, whether you’ve got kiddos or you’re one of the guys that needs a truck for work, you’ve got plenty of room back there. I see we’ve got us a touchscreen, dual climate control. You’ve got the cargo light, traction control.

Cody: And you’ve got your hill descent here.

Jeremy: Oh, nice! If you’re going down a hill, that’ll come in handy. So, Cody, what kind of reconditioning did they do with this one?

Fully Reconditioned

Cody: Well, we’ve done a little bit on it. We’ve done an oil change on it with our full-synthetic oil we use here at Integrity. We’ve done full brake jobs — front and rear. We got rotors put on it, pads put on it. We’ve gone ahead and done the cabin air filter on it.

Jeremy: Yeah, that’s one that a lot of people forget is that cabin air filter. It actually helps that AC blow harder when that filter is clean. I think we had to replace the windshield on this, didn’t we?

Cody: Oh, yes! Actually, we did put a windshield in this truck.

Jeremy: That’s one of the things, guys, when we do our full 132-point inspection, you know, most all of you that have driven in Oklahoma know the rocks on these roads. And sometimes a rock hits a windshield and it gets a little crack in it. Well, instead of trying to stick a little glue in it to keep it from running a crack across the window, we just replace it. It’s the best thing to do; it’s the right thing to do for our customers. So, it’s just one of the many advantages to buying with Integrity.

The Integrity Difference

Jeremy: Additionally, we report to the three major credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion, Equifax. We actually have a “do not buy” list — vehicles we don’t purchase because they have known issues with them. Certain vehicles with certain motors have been known to have issues, so we have them on our “do not purchase” list. We don’t want to buy something that is just going to be a headache for a customer. That’s something that we’re always evaluating. Preston is the one who manages that and he does such an awesome job, making sure he’s buying the best quality for the customers.

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