Test Drive with Integrity: Red 2014 Ford F-250 Lariat

Test Drive with Integrity: Red 2014 Ford F-250 Lariat

Take a test drive with the sales crew in this gorgeous red 2014 Ford F-250 Lariat.


Dontay Pompey (General Manager): I had to climb all the way up here, man. I’m scared of heights!

Jeremy Wilhite (Sales Manager): Look at this 2014 Ford F-250 Lariat with a 6.7L diesel engine.

Dontay: I like it, I like it, man. Preston did his thing here with another big truck to the lot.

Jeremy: Happy Test Drive Tuesday, guys.

Dontay: You’ve got Dontay, here; Jeremy, obviously; and we’ve got Bryan in the back. He just joined the Integrity Family, guys. We’ve got to go and give him a big welcome. We took him for a ride, too. We want to show him this diesel that Preston just brought out for us. I’m loving it, man. It already seems like it’s kind of smooth.

Jeremy: Definitely. Preston outdoes himself every time. He finds that inventory that other people can’t seem to find right now, Dontay.

Dontay: You’re looking at all these other dealers’ lots with little to nothing on them. I definitely love it when I can come to work and smile and go, “Look at all these options. I’m glad I’m not dealing with an empty lot.”

Fully Loaded

Dontay: This is a good one. I see it’s got heated seats and cooled seats. So, not only is it powerful, it actually has the luxury that’s inside. I like this two-tone color with the tan and the dark brown. And they’ve got the dark brown right in the right spots where it won’t get dirty. The handles are what’s dark; the steering wheel is dark. Everything you touch — cupholders, all that stuff — is dark.

Jeremy: Yeah, they thought about it. They had to!

Dontay: It’s awesome. And the wood grain — I’m a fan of the wood grain.

Jeremy: Nice a pretty, right there by the 12v plugin. Look at that — it’s even got a 110v plugin.

Dontay: I’m ready to plug in the laptop and all that. For you guys that’d need that at a work site or for long periods of time and want something to plug in. I mean, that’s a wall outlet right there moving down the street.

Jeremy: That’s exactly what it is. It’s ready to go.

Dontay: That is a neat feature, for sure. There are four cupholders — that’s crazy. You’ve only got one mouth!

Jeremy: Well, you’ve got people who like their soda pop and their coffee, so they could have one of each.

Dontay: Bryan says there are two back here.

Bryan: And two more here.

Dontay: And there’s even two in there?!

Jeremy: It’s got more cupholders than you can shake a stick at.

Dontay (to Bryan): How much room do you have back there?

Bryan: It’s very spacious; there’s a lot of leg room. If you’re a little taller you won’t be crammed up. It’s got a 12v and a 110v outlet back here, too.

Dontay and Jeremy (together): Back there, too?!!

Dontay: So even the kids could plug in.

Jeremy: You could wind up with an Xbox in this joker.

Dontay: And it’s got heat and air control back there. Did you see that?

Jeremy: Obviously it’s got… I see navigation,…

Dontay: That touchscreen’s nice.

Jeremy: The touchscreen is super nice.

Dontay: Backup cams on this one, I know. I saw it already had the gooseneck hitch in the back.

Jeremy: With the spray-in bed liner to keep that bed protected. I mean, this thing only has 136,000 miles, Dontay. And we’ve done reconditioning on it, so for those of you that are diesel guys, you know that this thing is just now starting to get broken in.

Integrity Pro

Dontay: Not to mention we offer our Integrity Pro program.

Jeremy: Man, I’m so excited about that.

Dontay: And I’m glad that just started. So now we’ve got Integrity Pro, and if you’re not on it and you’re watching this video and you’ve already bought — because I know a lot of our customers keep watching these videos —

Jeremy: Oh, I know they do.

Dontay: — and they like to trade in and a lot of our business if off of repeat business — so if you’re looking at this and you’re noticing and saying, “Hey, I want a truck like that,” or even, “I bought a truck like that and I want to make sure my business is successful,” we have the Integrity Pro program in place to keep you guys who are self-employed and using the vehicle for work in business. We really are looking to help you if you’re using the vehicle for work.