The Integrity Difference: Reconditioning & Service Warranty Plan

The Integrity Difference: Reconditioning & Service Warranty Plan

As discussed in our previous entry, the Buy Here Pay Here industry is not exactly thought of as having “integrity.” Chances are, you’ve had a bad experience with a dealer before. The industry, as a whole, has become synonymous with the opposite of integrity – “bait and switch” advertisements and “bumper-to-bumper” warranties full of half-truths and loopholes.

That kind of thing doesn’t happen at Integrity Auto Finance.

We strive to be honest with you from the start, with our huge selection of reconditioned, high-quality vehicles and a real service plan that you can trust.

Inspection & Reconditioning

Every one of our vehicles is put through an exhaustive 132-point inspection to make sure it is in proper working order before it is put on the lot and available for sale. If there’s a problem, we fix it or replace it. We want your next vehicle to be reliable, dependable, and, all around, the best it can be from the moment you drive it off the lot.

Free AutoCheck

How do you know you’re getting a good vehicle? Some dealers won’t reveal the history of their inventory. To us, that’s bad business.

Integrity is proud to offer a free AutoCheck Vehicle History Report for every single car on our lot. The AutoCheck tells you how many owners the car has had, whether it’s been in a reported accident, whether it’s had any frame damage, and all must-know history for the vehicle.

Check out our inventory and check out the AutoCheck for each vehicle right on our website!

Heartland Service Plan

Even with the extensive 132-point inspection and transparency provided by the free AutoCheck, things can happen. Cars are complex machines, and things will sometimes break down or malfunction. This is also true for brand new cars – that’s why they come with a factory warranty.

Unlike our competitors’ warranty programs, Integrity Auto Finance’s Heartland Service Warranty Plan is approved and licensed by the State of Oklahoma Insurance Department, so you know it’s legitimate. It is a thorough service warranty that covers all major components of the vehicle – engine, transmission, and electrical and fuel systems.

Buy with confidence that should something go wrong with your vehicle, Integrity has you covered!

Guaranteed Trade-In Value

Trade in your old vehicle for a newer, nicer used vehicle at Integrity. We offer a guaranteed trade-in value of at least $1000, perfect to put towards your next car, truck, or SUV.

And, if you’re currently driving a vehicle from Integrity, we’ve got additional great deals for repeat customers.

Integrity Auto Finance is the place to go for your next smart buy. By purchasing a nicer, newer vehicle with low miles, it will retain more of its worth and have higher resale value when you’re ready to sell it or trade it in down the line.

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