Before and After Reconditioning: 2011 Ford F-150

Before and After Reconditioning: 2011 Ford F-150

At Integrity, we put each and every one of our vehicles through a comprehensive inspection and rigorous reconditioning process. Check out the before and after of a beautiful black Ford F-150 lifted truck.

Before Reconditioning


Bob McCaslin (Integrity Auto Service): Welcome back to the Integrity Reconditioning Shop. Here we have this one we just got in — a big ol’ beautiful lifted Ford F-150. We’ve already gone through and done most of the inspection process. A couple of major things we noticed are the rack and pinion are going bad. Every time you turn that steering wheel, you get a really loud grinding sound. So we’re going to go ahead and get that replaced. Another major issue we noticed is that one of the U-joints is so bad that when you’re driving down the road it’s actually making kind of a ticking sound that you can audibly hear from inside the cab. So, we’re going to get that taken care of, as well.

Other than that, the rest of the this truck seems to be in really good shape, but we are going to make sure we check every detail of this thing from bumper to bumper.

Stay tuned and check back with us as we get further in the process with this vehicle.

After Reconditioning


Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): 102,000 miles. It’s a nice truck; it’s clean.

Bob McCaslin (): It’s a beautiful truck in here.

Preston: This is a 5.0L Coyote motor. Most of the trucks we’ve bought lately have been the EcoBoost, so it’s nice to have powerful V8 every once in a while too. Customers like those if they’re pulling a trailer or something.

Bob: They do really well. I used a Coyote truck not too long ago to pull a car hauler all the way across the city, no problem. It did great. It really did.

Preston: This is our post-recon test drive. We do all of our reconditioning here. You oversee that. I buy the inventory, so I get to see it first and give you a snapshot of what I think the truck is going to need, which usually is wrong because I can’t look underneath the truck and check the brakes and all of that when it’s going through the auction block. I kind of give you an idea of things I see, and then you guys inspect it. One of your mechanics replaces everything that it needs and then you’re the quality control to make sure that everything is done right. And then we put it on the lot. This is our quality-control test drive, so we can check that everything is fixed on it so we’re confident selling it a customer.

I know, first off, this thing had a terrible rack and pinion when I bought it because every time I turned the steering wheel it was grinding — sounded like the whole front end of the truck was going to fall off.

I had the new tires put on the day I bought the truck at the auction because they were pretty bad, too.

Four brand-new tires. Sounds like you have the rack and pinion fixed. Alignment is good. Brakes are good — they were terrible on it too, before.

Bob: Yeah, [the brakes] were really warped. We ended up putting all new pads and rotors, all four corners on this thing.

Preston: It looked like it had newer Rancho Shocks on it, so those shouldn’t be a problem. They probably put those on there when they did the lift kit.

Bob: Probably did. I mean this thing, the rebound is perfect on suspension — there are no rattles or anything. It rides really well.

Preston: Yeah, it seems to be really smooth for a big lifted truck. The tires are a little bit noisy, but you can expect that with brand-new mud terrain tires. A lot of tread on them, so they’re going to be kind of noisy. But that’s not a problem at all.

It’s a nice truck. What else did you guys have to do to it?

Bob: We had to replace a U-joint.

Preston: Pretty common for a lifted truck.

Bob: There was a bit of extra wear and stress on that, it was the very rear one on that drive shaft. We replaced that. Other than that, it was just a couple of common little things: change the oil, change the air filter, the lock tabs on one of the doors was missing, so we replaced it. Overall, this truck, despite the couple of issues like the rack, the U-joint, and the brakes, overall it’s in really good shape.

Preston: Awesome. That’s what I like to hear. Okay, we’ll take it around the block real quick, check it out. AC is nice — ice cold. Stereo seems to be working fine.

Bob: This one even has Ford’s basic Sync system in it so you can actually Bluetooth your phone to it, make your phone calls through it, listen to your Pandora on it.

Preston: Windows are already tinted. It’s ready to go! This’ll definitely fly off the lot pretty quick, being a blacked-out, lifted, V8, low-mileage truck. It’s going to find a home pretty quick. I can’t wait to get it out front.

Bob: If I was in the market for a truck, I’d be buying it before it hit the lot!

Preston: It’s a nice one, man. Looks like you and your crew did a good job.

Bob: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Preston: Who was the tech on this one?

Bob: Mark did this one.

Preston: Tell him he did a good job. He’s a good guy, a good technician, he’s really thorough making sure these trucks are perfect. Let’s get this thing out front, up on a ramp, and I’ll be it’s sold by the end of the week!