Getting a Nice Truck with Less-Than-Perfect Credit

Getting a Nice Truck with Less-Than-Perfect Credit

Are you in the market for a nice used truck, but your credit history is keeping you from getting approved at most dealers? Integrity carries a huge selection of pre-owned trucks, including many hard-to-find models that are decked out with lots of upgrades and options.

Get a Truck You’ll Be Proud to Drive

Just because you have less-than-perfect credit doesn’t mean you have to settle for a less-than-perfect vehicle. Most Buy Here Pay Here dealers offer little when it comes to the variety, special features, and amenities of their inventory. The trucks that they keep in stock are usually standard and/or stripped-down.

Integrity carries a large variety of used trucks, from standard beginner trucks to powerful work trucks and loaded luxury trucks. We’ve got 4x4s and heavy duty; leather, heated seats, and navigation; and big after-market wheels and tires. You simply are not going to find trucks like ours at most other Buy Here Pay Here dealers.

These are the options and upgrades that you’d want to add to any standard truck; the difference is that we carry vehicles that already have these options in place. With our unmatched variety of used trucks, you’re bound to find the vehicle that perfectly fits your wants, your needs, and your budget.

Easy Financing

Don’t worry if you’ve had trouble getting approved at other Buy Here Pay Here dealers. Even if you’ve had a past repo, Integrity can work with you. We look at your situation now, not your credit history. All you need is a driver’s license, steady income, and proof of insurance.

We are the Bank

Avoid the hassle of waiting all day to get approved like at most Buy Here Pay Here dealers. At Integrity, we are the bank! We approve you onsite, without having to reach out to third-party finance companies.

Avoid Spot Delivery Agreements

Beware of Buy Here Pay Here dealers that sell you a car using a spot deliver agreement. It means that your financing hasn’t actually been approved yet, and even though you drive away with the vehicle, the dealer can take it back from you if they are unable to get you financed. This will not happen at Integrity Auto Finance. We are the bank! When we say you’re approved, you’re approved!

Get a Real Service Plan

An essential part of owning a nice truck is having the piece of mind that it’s going to last and not give you any mechanical problems. Extend the life of your truck with preventative maintenance and make sure you get a real service warranty plan. Most Buy Here Pay Here dealers offer a warranty that claims to cover a lot more than it does. Integrity offers a true service warranty that is approved and licensed by the State of Oklahoma Insurance Department, so you know it’s legitimate.

Credit troubles should not dictate the quality of vehicle you drive. Don’t let past repos make you think that you can’t qualify for a high-quality used truck. Integrity has the inventory and the easy financing to get you in your next loaded truck today.

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  1. Sean Nicholson

    looking for a 0ne ton truck,,,preferrably with cummons diesel

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