“Smart Buy” Vehicles at Integrity

“Smart Buy” Vehicles at Integrity

Are you ready for your next vehicle, but are worried that your less-than-perfect credit will keep you from getting a car you actually want to own? Integrity Auto Finance specializes in stocking an unmatched variety of high-quality vehicles , perfect for your needs whether you’re looking for an economic gas-saver or a luxury SUV with third row for your growing family.

Integrity’s Smart Buys

Our lot is full of “smart buy” vehicles that are late-model, low-mile, and high-value. Each and every vehicle goes through our 132-point inspection and reconditioning before hitting the lot for sale. Likewise, every single vehicle also comes with a free vehicle history report so you can know the car’s history and ensure that you are getting a reliable vehicle and a good deal. These are just a few of our top-of-the-line automobiles currently on our lot!

2017 Toyota Yaris

This is the definition of a “smart buy.” This 2017 Toyota Yaris (2017 at a Buy Here Pay Here dealer? Only at Integrity!) gets incredible gas mileage and only has 17,000 miles on it. It’s compact, but surprisingly comfortable and roomy on the interior.

2014 Ford F-350 Flatbed 4×4

This Ford F-350 is perfectly setup for your needs — whether you’re in the oil field or you do electrical work or welding. It’s a 4X4 with a V-8 automatic transmission and power windows and locks. It’s been completely reconditioned, with new tires, new shocks, and new brakes!

Dodge Dakota 4X4

We’ve got lots of 4×4 trucks at Integrity, and this slick black Dodge Dakota is a beauty. It’s a V-8, quad cab with heated leather seats and new tires.

2016 Ford Fusion

This 2016 Ford Fusion only has 20,000 miles on it! It comes equipped with touchscreen, heated seats and hands-free phone sync. Late-model, low-mile vehicles like this are the epitome of “smart buy” — they’re newer, nicer, and the most reliable; and they’ll be worth more down the road whey you’re ready to trade it in.

Yukon Denali

Maybe you’re in the market for a luxury SUV? This Yukon Denali is all-wheel drive, with leather seats — heated seats, in fact — navigation, and third row with captain seats in the middle for ease of getting in and out.

GMC Sierra

This GMC Sierra is a great mix of power and beauty. It’s a pretty red color four-door with tinted windows, brush guard, and off-road tires.

At Integrity, you don’t have to “settle” on a car that you’re not crazy about just because you have bad credit. We want you to feel good about the car you’re driving. When you’re ready for your next vehicle, opt for one of these smart buy vehicles that you’ll love driving and that will hold a higher resale value when you’re ready to trade it in.


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