When It’s Time for Your Next Used Car

When It’s Time for Your Next Used Car

“How do I know when it’s time to replace my vehicle?”

The answer to this question can be wildly different depending on the person who asks it. Whether you’re someone who’s itching to upgrade every three-or-so years, or you’re more prone to drive it “until the wheels falls off,” these general guidelines can help you decide the best time to start thinking about a new vehicle.

Costly Repairs

Cars are mechanical, and it’s inevitable that they will need regular maintenance and occasional repair while under your ownership. Normal wear and tear on your car – such as replacement of wiper blades, car battery, and tires – is expected. This becomes a more serious financial issue, though, when we’re talking about larger problems – issues with the radiator, engine, or transmission – that will ultimately lead to a breakdown.

As the vehicle ages, the corresponding increases in repair cost and frequency should help you weigh the advantages of investing in a nicer, newer vehicle vs. continuing to spend money on a car that’s only getting older.

Integrity offers the Heartland Service Warranty Plan which is approved and licensed by the State of Oklahoma Insurance Department. It covers all major components of your vehicle so you can drive with peace of mind.

Safety Concerns

As your car ages, it will eventually become less safe. In addition to missing the advanced safety features that newer models are equipped with, it will also be susceptible to more breakdowns as it ages (see above). Your safety (and the safety of those around you) is of paramount importance, so investing in a newer used car will help keep you on the road in a reliable vehicle.

Interior Problems

If your car’s interior has deteriorated beyond the point of no return, it’s time for another car. Whether the leather seats have dried out and cracked, the fabric is torn in places, or the power windows no longer work, these are definite signs that you’re better off with a newer vehicle.

Fuel (In)Efficiency

Gas prices fluctuate greatly, and you don’t want to be in a gas-guzzler when the price of oil goes through the roof. The older the vehicle, the less fuel-efficient it will be. Investing in a “smart buy” vehicle with improved mileage can save you a tremendous amount of money over the life of the car loan.

Ready for Something Different

So, do any of the guidelines above sound correspond to your current vehicle. If you’re ready to trade-in your current ride, check out our extensive selection of nicer, newer inventory at Integrity Auto Finance.


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