Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Ford Explorer XLT

Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Ford Explorer XLT

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this gorgeous third-row 2016 Ford Explorer XLT, fully loaded and completely reconditioned.


Preston Miller (General Manager): Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody!

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Hello, hello!

Preston: Today, Dontay and I are driving this gorgeous 2016 Ford Explorer.

Dontay: It’s definitely gorgeous.

Preston: Man, it is like a brand new car in here, right?

Dontay: Oh, I love it! This one right here is stylish!

Preston: You know, my family, this is what I bought them — Ford Explorer. My wife drives one every day. It’s the perfect size for a small family. Our service manager also bought one for his wife, and that tells you something — when a mechanic’s buying one for his wife, you know it’s a good car. We sell a ton of these Ford Explorers, have really good results with them. Everybody loves them. They don’t ever break down, they’re cheap to maintain, cheap to insure, easy to drive. I mean, you love everything about them.

Dontay: Especially those seats — the seat room! You do not expect that many seats where you can still travel with seven passengers.

Preston: Yeah, you’ve got the same amount of space you would have in a Chevy Suburban or a minivan or a Tahoe, but it’s built on a car platform — it’s the same motor, transmission, drive train, and unibody platform that the Ford Taurus is built on. It drives more like a car — front-wheel drive platform, more nimble, easier to turn around in circles. It’s a lot easier to park in parking lots, pull out.

Dontay: Better gas than Suburbans and what you need for a third row.

Preston: A lot lighter so they get great gas mileage — that’s right. This one’s gorgeous, too. What do you think about the color?

Dontay: I love it. The outside is a crazy color. What did you say it was called?

Preston: It’s called guard gray. It looks kind of like a dark gray at night when the sun’s not out. Underneath the sun it looks green; it’s got a lot of green metal flake in the paint.

Dontay: I thought it was green!

Preston: Guard gray is what Ford calls it. It’s a gorgeous color. This interior, though, is really what catches my eye. It’s two-tone black and tan — you’ve got tan leather and all of your trim is black in here so you’ve got a black dash. One thing I like is the black headliner, that way when you get the kids in after football practice, baseball practice, with dirty hands and they touch up here — which they’re going to do — you’re not going to get stains. Same thing with the carpet — Ford put black carpet in here and that’s awesome for muddy shoes, right? No stains. Somebody spills some Kool-Aid,..?

Dontay: It’s an easy clean-up!

Remote Start & Heated Seats

Preston: Just dry it up. It’s not going to stain black carpet. But you do have this gorgeous black and tan leather. Front seats are heated, and it does have remote start, so, you know, wintertime is coming up and that’s going to be really convenient. If it’s snowing or cold outside, you can hit that remote start and heater comes on, heated seats come on, and when you get in here it’s ready to go to work, right?

Dontay: Exactly! Knockoff some of that snow off the windshield.

Fully Loaded SUV

Preston: You’ve got all kinds of cool, convenient features in this one. Most of the Explorers come standard with this stuff, so you’ve got the big touchscreen. It’s got all kinds of cool stuff packed in — Ford SYNC system, which means you can plug your phone in, play all your music off your phone, play your phone calls if somebody calls you. It pops up on the screen and you can take your phone call right through the car speakers, the stereo speakers, rather than pulling your phone out, looking at your phone.

Dontay: That’s a lot safer!

Preston: So, it’s a lot safer to have that hands-free. Also, there’s a backup camera, which is super convenient. You know, if you’re backing out of the driveway and you’ve got kids running around, that’s an important thing to have because you can see what’s behind you. If you’re pulling out of a parking spot at Walmart, you can make sure nobody’s behind you or coming at you.

Dontay: No carts sitting back there! I love it, man. I’m definitely digging all the features inside, for sure. And, also, I like the rear control AC in the back.

Rear AC Control & Cargo Space

Preston: That’s important. You hop in this in the middle of July, and you’ve got kids in the back — they’re not going to be quiet until that air conditioner is on and they’re cooled off, right? They’re going to be squawking and yelling for that cold air, so you’ve got air conditioning vents in the ceiling all the way to the third row. And speaking of that third row, you can fold it all the way down, and the middle row — you can fold it down, too — and you can get all kinds of interior cargo space if you needed to haul luggage or you’re picking up furniture or a bunch of groceries. You can fold those seats down and you’re good to go. It’s just about as much storage as you’d have in a pickup truck, but it’s all inside.

Dontay: And I love — I hate to cut you off, Preston — but those black seatbelts? That was a brilliant idea! You know, the seatbelt is always the first thing to get dirty. Having them black is going to keep them looking clean.

Preston: The engineer, the design team that put this color package together probably had kids.

Dontay: They had to.

Preston: Very smart. Very smart move. All of the stuff that you would normally touch — your door pulls, your handles, your seatbelts, the floors — it’s all black. And all the stuff you’re not going to be touching a lot is tan.

Dontay: And the tan part, you got it in leather! How hard is it to wipe leather up? This is a good buy, man.

Preston: I love these Ford Explorers. We buy them and sell them just about as quick as we can get them, right? I put them on the lot; they don’t last very long and they go out the door. And the great thing about them is people love them.

Dontay: They love them!

Preston: They love them!

Dontay: And a lot of people don’t like driving a minivan.

Preston: That’s right.

Dontay: So they jump into these so quick because they still have that same room.

Preston: You’ve got the same room as a minivan, but the best part is you don’t have to drive a minivan. Some people love minivans; most people don’t. This one’s got the same amount of room, either way, and it’s an SUV.

Dontay: Correct. I like this one, man. It’s got a push start, so the new technology’s there.

Preston: You’ve got keyless entry, remote start — all kinds of awesome convenience features.

Dontay: Even the steering wheel where, you know, we may touch a lot and it may get dirty because your hands are dirty — that’s black! That’s another part of why this vehicle looks so new. The owner before, you can tell, took care of it. No scratches or anything.

Preston: Well, I mean, it’s pretty new. It’s a 2016, so it’s a newer body style. They just switched to the new one in 2020. They started building these Explorers in 2011 — this body style, this is a ’16. Usually you don’t want to buy a first-year car. They switched body style in 2020 — you don’t want to buy a 2020 because they’re going to work out all their kinks. This one’s been — since they had the platform in 2011 — they got all the kinks worked out. These things are well-engineered machines.

Dontay: And I know everybody wants them. They say we can’t keep them on the lot.

$1500 Off for Trucktoberfest

Preston: And, right now, it’s our Trucktoberfest promotion, right?

Dontay: This is true!

$1500 Third-Row SUVs

Preston: We’re taking $1500 off of every truck that we have in stock, and, also, we’re adding the third-row SUVs. So any SUV that we’ve got with a third row — the bigger ones like Chevy Suburban, Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, Ford Explorer, Ford Flex — we’ve got a little bit of everything out there. Even Nissan Pathfinders — four-wheel-drive Pathfinders! So, we’re taking $1500 off of every one of them, making them that much easier for people to get qualified and approved for.

Special Financing

Dontay: Yeah, that’s nice. And remember, guys, it’s not off your credit; it’s based off income. Even though we’ve got these nice, newer vehicles — we’re not trying to throw you in that 150,000-mile ’05. We’re going to help you get into a newer, nicer vehicle regardless of your credit. We’re looking for hard-working individuals out there — you guys out there working hard, you’ve got income coming in — we’re going to approve you based on that hard work and your income.

Improve Your Credit with Integrity

Dontay: And we’ll look out for you, the whole time you’re in the vehicle. We report to all three credit bureaus to help build your credit score, as well, just to help graduate you out of that Buy Here Pay Here or Special Financing category, get you over to traditional financing.

Preston: Guys, we can get just about anybody approved. Get yourself a newer, nicer car and build your credit while you’re driving it. What’s to not love about that, right?