Used Car Inspection Checklist

Used Car Inspection Checklist

Whether you’re purchasing a used vehicle or a brand new one, inspecting the vehicle – inside and out – and getting a feel for it during a test drive is a must. You want to know that not only the car is in good working condition, but that it’s also a good fit for you.

When purchasing your next used car, utilize this handy inspection checklist before finalizing the sale.

The Exterior and Interior

It’s natural that when you are interested in purchasing a vehicle, the first thing you check out is the inside and outside of the car. This is particularly important when shopping for a used vehicle. First check the exterior for any obvious or glaring problems. Is the vehicle noticeably damaged? Is the windshield intact? Is the bumper missing? How’s the paint job?

Then do the same for the interior. Is the leather/fabric in good condition? Is it comfortable and roomy enough for you? Are there any special features / amenities that make this potential purchase extra attractive?

Keep things in perspective: cosmetic problems are just that – cosmetic. Not all cosmetic issues are equal – it’ll be up to you to decide where your threshold for such issues is. Where, understandably, you may not want to deal with the hassle of purchasing a banged-up, deep-dented car, you’ll likely find that a small paint scratch is not a deal breaker.

Test Drive the Vehicle

Even the most casual of car buyers wouldn’t pass up a test drive before purchasing a vehicle, but it’s important to know what it is you’re looking for when taking the potential buy out for a spin. How does it feel? How does it sound? How does it smell, even (strong gasoline or exhaust smells, for instance, are generally a bad sign)? Are there any dashboard warning lights? Does the A/C work?

When it comes to getting to know your prospective next vehicle for the first time, you just can’t beat a good, thorough test drive. Check out our blog for a more detailed guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Test Drive.

Know the Vehicle’s History

Test drives are essential, but there are some potential historical problems that your senses can’t detect. Integrity Auto Finance provides a free AutoCheck Vehicle History Report for every car on our lot. This way, you know how many owners the car has had, rather it’s been in a reported accident, and other must-know information.

Knowing where the car’s been can help you buy with peace of mind.

Does it Come with a Real Service Plan?

Speaking of peace of mind, Integrity also offers the Heartland Service Warranty Plan, which is approved and licensed by the State of Oklahoma Insurance Department. It’s a real service warranty that covers all of the essential items in the vehicle.

Gearing up to purchase a used car can often get the best of most people’s nerves. By utilizing this used car inspection checklist, you’ll be able to walk into the dealer fully armed with the information you’ll need to make a confident, informed buying decision.

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  1. Kacie Goodman

    Purchasing a used car is a complicated process. While purchasing a used car, fist we have to fix a budget. Then we should look for cars matching that budget. We should search for cars basing on our life style and requirement. We must check the vehicle history report or safety report to know about the past servicing details of the vehicle. Thereafter we have to go for a test drive. Apart from this, different components of the car must be inspected thoroughly by a certified technician prior to negotiation of price.

  2. Anna Campbell

    Thanks for addressing the factors which should be taken into consideration prior inspect a used vehicle. And inspection should be carried out by experienced and certified technicians only as such professionals could spot and fix hidden mechanical issues associated with the vehicle. Yet some people ignore the importance of hiring such a professional for the inspection of the used vehicle which could cost them a lot. So, the condition of different components of the vehicle should be inspected properly to spot hidden mechanical issues associated with the vehicle which could have a significant influence on the deal.

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